Blue sherbet
Bruce banner

GG4 mutant
So that’s all the seeds not sure what’s going we’re going to try match up strain size and grow time lengths as much as I can. Happy growing people :)
So here is the blue sherbet and the Bruce banner. 6 tops on the banner. And 4 on sherbet. These will be in this journal/ tent My bigger tent. Nutes are at

a/b 1.5mL to L
Cal mag 1mL to L
Silicon 1mL to L
Water Ph 5.6/8
Will be putting them in there final pot fabric this week or next and really sorting stuff out for the two new journals I have. This one and the sponsored one. Been real busy of late. But have the time to put into the journals now.
thanks for popping by check my other journal to if you want to see any of the ladies that don’t make this tent. The blue sherbet is a new strain worth a watch.

Peace happy growing people.




So that’s the ladies today. 100% setting things up this weekend will things seem to be going ok. The Mutant GG4 it’s getting there. The rest seem to handle the training. The Bruce is very picky I see problems ahead until I get to know that’s 7 weeks now and 6 days since I put them in a pots. The training and lack of food to slow things down to start held these back. But I’m feeding Normal now and most of the heavy training is over. They will find there final home and pots soon will update.





Had to take a tent down.Wont go in to detail but had to come down for now.So all these ladies will now be in
my sponsored grow your all more than welcome to follow that thread.All four seedlings/plants will be in my bigger tent
with a bar light and xs2000 side by side and im going to take my xs4000 down for now.So replacing 480 watt with 540 watt.And all the clones have gone to the compost hemp in the sky.Thats about it for this journal guys :oops: :confused:
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