Sp4z, Spaz: GG #4 First Time Grower

And now the real work starts. That should cut your travels down for a bit.:laughtwo:

They look marvelous hanging upside down. Enjoy the bounty and absolutely a nice job getting them here.

Thank you, my wife did a better job pulling off the fans. We're leaving in about 2 hours for a week haha. I am very tempted to talk to her and see if I can buy another tent so I can start another run as soon as we get back instead of waiting for the buckdown

Well impressed. Nice one:thumb:

Thank you! I learned so much and I'm very excited to start the next one in a few more weeks :)

These beans popped on 7/13 and got the chop on 11/4 so just a little over 4 months total from start to finish, idk if that's quick or not since I don't really have a frame of reference.
Buckdown DONE!

Finished up everything last night, it took about 4.5 hours I think.

742.69 grams from 4 plants in my 4x4 tent.

They are so sticky and smelly, they smoke awesome already and will only improve over time.

Gotta run the trim through my bubblebags next!

Can't wait to clean everything and start over in a week or two, man this was a blast and I hope ya'll enjoyed my first experience with this wonderful hobby!


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