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My First Time Grow Journal: Pictures, Descriptions, Timelines


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So hello all! I've been growing in soil since about the age of 11 or 10 with my father. We had a two acre garden and mostly grew Jalapenos and stuff. The extent I have with growing cannabis is totally different. I've never actually completed a grow that was worth mentioning. Once in college my room mate and I grew some bunk, fluffy stuff in our closet. Anyways, when it comes to hydroponic I've literally been doing it for about a month now. I'm experimenting with about 6-8 plant outside of my balcony, using the non-circulating Kratky method. I must say, they are kicking butt. I love doing experiments so I plant some in soil, some in hydro and I can definitely tell the difference. I don't get much sun on my outdoor patio so I've decided to grow my cannabis in door. Sorry for the long winded message my friends, I just wanted to give you guys some background information on my hydroponic experience, which is none!

Sorry for the bad quality on the beginning pictures, my camera was broken and I've just recently bought a new one, so the images will improve!

So at first I searched some YouTube videos on something called "The Percolator". Basically what it is is that a air pump displaces the water via a PVC pipe, a small hole is then drilled in the side of the pipe and you insert an air tube. It ends up giving a pulsating top drip system to the root. Also, an air stone is at the bottom of the bucking, making it a DWC as well. As you can see, the plant was not growing at all! A member by the name of TurboBucket suggested that she was getting too much water. Mind you, this plant was once in soil.

Note: I grow on a 16/8 schedule and I use General Hydroponic's MaxiGrow :)

Here are some more photos of the plant just starting out: Pretty sad :( I believe these were taken 08/08/2018.

So these are the lights I am using. They are Phillips CFL, 23W (6500k) (on the right). I have a total of four of them, as well as a soft white light (2500k) that I use. All in all for my small plants (3 seedlings plus one bigger one, I usually use 3 lights including the soft white light. I have a fan and I'm constantly making sure that the leaves are not hot. You can see above the small plant had way too many lights on it, and I think at the time I was using a 24/0 light cycle.



So I never really decided to make a grow journal so if I am violating the rules I do apologize. This is really just bag seed that someone gave the name of "Kandy Kush" I bought a half ounce of it and found about six seeds. Four came up, so I apologize if I don't know the legitimate strain of this particular plant. I do know that it was some really great medicine!


I removed the top drip irrigation system and ended up adding an air pump with two outlets, that way I could add two air stones and hopefully double the oxygen in the water. This is what she looks like when I first removed the top-drip irrigation system: She seems to be getting a little bit of color back:


Here are the more recent pictures. I wish I had my old phone so I could show you the difference from the root rot to now. These were taken today 08/21/2018. My photos start at 08/08/2018 near the top of the post.


You can notice there is significant growth, and I actually just change my nutrient solution today right after I took these pictures. Check out the root growth on her:


Also, I had a few of the seedlings finally pop up so I went ahead and put them under some light ASAP. Like I said, I'm trying to grow short, bushy plants. Thanks for looking at the journal. I'll keep everyone updated. Please criticism is welcomed! I know I will make mistakes but that's the best way to learn. Peace and happy growing!

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Looks like heavy N low K. Most likely a pH issue should be looking for 5.8-6.2ph or there about. Don't over feed, they are not going to eat much and it will only muck up your water chemistry. The root growth is really promising that's awesome. If you don't have a way to test pH your gonna have to get one. Even the cheap strips are better than guessing. She should recover. keep the temps down and the bubbles up.

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Interesting indeed, I'll read up on it

Be sure and start nutes at about 1/4 strength
1/2 strength seems the most recommend max in DWC, it's where I am at and my girls are loving it
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