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Need help with what TopLED grow light to buy


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Hello there!

I am a newbie and I need an advice on what TOPLED product I need for my small scrog setup. The flower room space is 3.5'x 2.5' x 6. I am having problems when it comes to temperature. Now I am using a MH HID 400w fixture and the temps inside are reaching 92F. What product would you suggest?

1. Mars II 900w ( Flower or standard??) - Is it as hot as a MH HID 400w? Do I need to get the Flower spectrum since it is for a flower room? Can I use this in a 6 ft height room?

2. Mars 700w ( Flower or Standard?? ) - Will it release lesser heat than the 400w MH HID?

3. 192x3w Reflector led - I know that the coverage of this light is way bigger than my grow room but if i compare it with the Mars 700w it has a higher draw power. 192x3w draw power is 350 - 400w while the Mars II 700w the draw power is 300 - 380w. How about the high temp factor? I saw a journal here that said there are only 2 fans cooling this unit.

Any suggestion will surely help me decide!


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Re: Need help with what TOPLED grow light to buy :D

Thank you Hosebomber! Appreciate the advice :Namaste:

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Hi, djantonie. sorry i'm late. :) can u email me your detail requirement to forum@topledgrowlight.com . then i can give u a proper suggestion. :)


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Decision made! Purchased 192x3 reflector from TOPLED and it is working great! My temps went down from 92F to 86F! Hope the new room temp help my ladies grow healthy. Thank you Sara for the wonderful service!
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