Nematode's First Journal - LEDs & High Brix

Hey guys sorry I missed last week.....this month has been very hectic at work........any way here are the ladies sartong or will be starting week 7 shortly........they were all 8 week strains but we all know what that means in high, the Jedi 1 is starting to recede back as well as number 3, but the rest look like they have a big deal I'm gonna run all these again next run and see if I can't dial them in and pick a couple to keep.......

I did have a dumbass attack, when I left for the week.....I forgot to tell the wife to keep the Dehuey emptied and I saw sigh a of the dreaded pm again......anyway I burnt on time for six hours again and it seemed to do the trick, just some ruff spots on the leaves now........

Anyway here they are got some half ass whole plant shots as well, the next round will be pruned and trained better......

Og x nyc

Jedi 1

Trainwreck......she will get blood meal next time......the rest did,

Jedi 3....a tad short than 1 but thicker buds bout same resin production....

Auto jock horror x auto amnesia.....

I forgot number two......ill get her in a minute.......thanks guys.....:passitleft:

They look great!!!

youre kicken butt with the auto strain ;)
Nate, your #2 is just like my #3 (not JK though) in my current grow. Everything else finished right on time, but this #3 pheno is foxtailing a little, putting on mass and still growing buds as the rest of the plant continues to fade. I won't be able to go past this weekend on it though when I take down the fem-seed plants, so we'll see how it does the next few days.

Looks good in there man. :cool:
Hope all is well in your world.

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