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Nightmask's Perpetual Indoor Soil Grow


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Hello fellow cannabis consumers and welcome to my first indoor setup and grow. Firstly I wanna thank all you fantastic 420'ers with all your wealth of knowledge and so many pictures of such gorgeous plants that could get anyone hooked on growing this amazing plant. I've been meaning to get a grow journal going for several months now but it took a while to get everything for my setup and get it working and then things kept getting in the way and it kept getting put off. I meant to do a pre-perpetual journal showing the bagseed I grew as a test run to dial in the environment and nutrients but that didn't happen. Well it's about time I stop putting it off and get it done, so lets jump into it. Fair warning for some people, I'm Aussie and I'm me so there might be some swearing. Scratch that, there will be swearing, although I'm not a fan of the c word. So if curse words offend please do not read any further.

Grow Area
Location: Indoor.
Tents: 60x60x140cm (2'x2'x4.5') Grow Cell veg tent and 91x91x213cm (3'x3'x7') Gorilla Grow flower tent.
Lights: 4-bulb T5 for veg, LED California Lightworks Solar System 550 with controller for flower.
Air: 3x 150mm clip-on fans to circulate air (1 in veg, 2 in flower), 6" inline fan in veg tent, 6" silenced fan attached to 6" carbon filter in flower tent. I'm planning on getting another fan to circulate air and cool the room either inside or outside the tents.
Medium: Soil, local organic 'square foot mix'. It's not ideal and I may change later but for now it's local and easy to get and does the job just fine. Mixing 60-70% soil and 30-40% perlite.
Pot size: 75mm or 100mm for seedling pots. 125mm & 175mm pots to grow. 250mm pots to finish (unknown litres/gallons).

Temp: 26-35C veg, 26-36c flower. It's currently summer here in Australia and sadly my grow room does not have an air-conditioning vent to cool it down or supply fresh air but I can open the door to access the air-vent right outside the room.
Humidity: 40-70% veg, 40-60% flower. I got a dehumidifier to lower humidity when necessary, and it's been necessary more than a few times.
PH: Both my tap and rain water is around pH 7.0 for some reason. After adding nutrients I either water as is or try to pH down but so far pH'ing has been a little hit and miss cause I've been trying to pH only 1-2 litres at a time.
Pests: Yep, little flying buggers. Fungus gnats apparently. Got some sticky traps and neem oil for them. Got some mite-rid just incase I get those assholes as I know they're around because they infected an earlier outdoor grow.
Watering: When pots get light which is usually two or three times a week alternating nutes and plain water.
Nutrients: Second Nature Aussie brand.

This will change over time since this will hopefully be a long running perpetual grow and journal, though currently I've got growing a Green Crack (Humbolt Seeds) and Blueberry (Seedsman) about 2 weeks into flower and 2x White Widow (Seedsman) males (I was hoping for atleast 1 female but nope two males) a few days into flower, and all 4 vegged way to long cause of a previous bagseed test run that was hogging the flower tent. There's also an Auto White Widow and Auto Kush (both freebies from, and genetics by, Seedsman) about 3 weeks into flower (49 days total) that are a test run for autos because I really wanna try a Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds) and would also like to try Auto Sour Hound and Auto Alien vs Triangle (both Mephisto Genetics freebies). Then there's the Jack Herer (Seedsman) and CBD Hash Plant (Seedsman) that are about 2 weeks old in the veg tent. And there are clones of the GC, BB, and WW that have rooted and are in the veg tent. I hadn't planned on having so much Seedsman genetics but I'm not complaining.

I'm after a few different effects, medical and otherwise, so I'm looking for a few different strains/chemovars. I've got about 30 odd different strains that add up to 100 odd seeds (before pollen chucking) so I've got a few to choose from (seed addiction is real yo). Mostly I want a Sativa because I want the energy, be it physical or cerebral, and wanna smoke/consume to get stuff done. I'd prefer nice sweet tasting and smelling smoke to anything chemically or too pungent. Because it's still illegal where I'm at even though I'm growing indoors with a carbon filter I don't want super stinky weed, especially since I currently move my plants out of the filtered tent to the bathroom to water them (I really gotta get a wetvac soon). I'm not overly bothered if the neighbours can smell strawberries or lemons or bubblegum but if they can smell a petrol station next door or a skunk (which aren't native here) or some other pungent smell it might give the grow away. This is what I'm looking for and some seeds I have that may fit the bill based on Leafly strain profiles and/or info on their respective Seedsman product page which is where I've acquired all my seeds:

Sativa for physical energy, to get active and fit, to exercise and get stuff done around the house including *ugh* cleaning (Green Crack, Jack Herer, Golden Tiger regs, White Widow regs fems and autos, Amnesia Haze fems and autos).
Sativa/hybrid for mental energy, for creativity and focus so I can write and create (Green Crack, Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze, Sweet Cheese).
Indica/hybrid for general relaxation, which isn't what I'm mainly looking for but something nice and sweet tasting that's relaxing and de-stressing, maybe to watch a movie or game, and doesn't put me to sleep (Bubble Gum, Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Glue).
Indica for insomnia, something to help me sleep but not a munchie strain cause I wanna sleep not stay awake for an hour or more while I raid the fridge and cook a meal (Afghani regs, Blueberry, Somango, Candy Cream/Cream Caramel, Vanilla Kush).
High CBD/Indica specifically for siezures and nausea, would like to make into a pill or drops and I'm planning on getting a Grasshopper vaporizer for ultra fast heat times combined with high CBD strain to carry for emergencies (CBD Hash Plant).
General medicinal strain to turn into tincture/oil/pills, something that's relaxing and calming but mostly to reduce/prevent nausea, tremors, muscle spasms, pain, etc (CBD Hash Plant, CBD Critical Cure).


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And in a first for me we have a picture tsunami instead of word avalanche.

Here's the tent setup, with a 2'x2' Grow Cell veg tent and 3'x3' Gorilla Grow flower tent.

And the showpiece of the setup, the California Lightworks Solar System 550 with controller.

First seeds of decent genetics (not bagseed), with 2x White Widow regulars, Green Crack fem, and Blueberry fem.

Underside of Blueberry leaves showed an awsome purple as a seedling, but sadly it didn't last or go beyond those first leaves.

I almost didn't notice it cause it only showed at a certain angle.

Skip ahead a bit and we have them vegging nicely. I probably could have flipped them to flower around this time but had test run bagseed clones flowering. I also noticed both White Widows are male so didn't both up-potting them.

I knew I'd still have around 2 months till they could get into the flower tent so I gave the GC and BB a trim. A big trim. After reading a big trimming journal. About trimming. Lots. I've trimmed before but not so heavily.

It worked a bit but would have worked much better if I'd trimmed that heavily much earlier, but timing sucks. Here's the GC and BB a month later.

The GC showed a lot of growth.

The BB not so much.

Because I had a test run going of clones of bagseed I wanted to force the date when the bagseed would get removed and the good genetics go into the flower tent and I really wanna grow a Dark Devil Auto so I decided to do an auto test run to get used to them and have the flowering date forced. I chose 2 auto freebies from Seedsman, an auto Kush and because both White Widows were male I chose a White Widow auto to try.

Here's the Auto Kush at 25 days. 3 days later at day 28 she started to show pre-flowers.

And the White Widow at 25 days.

1 day later at day 26 she started to show pre-flowers.

Here's Auto WW and Auto Kush at day 28.

With the auto's flowering that gave me a week to flush the bagseed and harvest them and clean the tents before getting the good genetics in to flower. And here they are, finally some awsome genetics in the flower tent worth the sweet sweet Solar System 550.

And what's currently in the flower tent, 2x White Widow males to pollen chuck, Green Crack, Blueberry, Auto Kush and Auto White Widow.

Here's some 3 week trim shots of the Autos with before and after pics.
Auto Kush:

Auto White Widow:

And here's a few bud shots to finish up. They're only 2-3 weeks into flower so early days yet but looking nice already.

Green Crack:

Auto Kush:

Auto White Widow:

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Here's a small progress report on the Jack Herer and CBD Hash Plant. Germed 18th Jan, both above soil on the 21st.

I thought the roots of the CBD Hash plant looked cool in the pic above.

And here they are today @ 15 days old.



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Update time, which is still kinda catchupdate time.

So my plants have been showing a deficiency around 2-4 weeks in (depending on which plant and when put into flower). I'm hoping it's just nitrogen being sucked out and nothing to worry about, though I've still been feeding them some veg nutes so *shrugs*

Here's a full shot of the tent as it was a few days ago (WWI has been removed and WWII moved to that spot).

The blurple pic which really shows which leaves are affected.

And here's a closeup of just the Auto Kush showing the deficiency in white and blurple light.


Auto WW deficiency.

Green Crack deficiency.


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So the White Widow I (WWI) was taken out of the flower tent and the White Widow II (WWII) was moved into that place (pic below). I removed WWI because during veg I was sure both were male and after putting both into the flower tent WWI showed male bits, or atleast nanners, so I thought I had two males and removed one (WWI) in favour of the other (WWII) to use as a male for pollen. But I still have WWI because I was lazy and didn't chop it down yesterday or today and just checked it and for some reason it looks like it has girl bits at the top. Like pistols, clearly, on atleast two top bud sites. I'll get pics tomorrow in better light and when I'm more awake and sure I'm not imagining or hallucinating. Maybe I've got a female after all. Or a hermie. Probably a hermie. But I wasn't expecting girl bits at all on either of the two White Widow regulars cause I thought they were both male.

I trimmed the Green Crack (GC) and Blueberry (BB) a few days ago aswell as some supercropping. I supercropped two branches of the GC a few days earlier and those branches were looking really nice (bud sites all exposed n stuff) so I did the same to the BB. More bud sites exposed to light. I'm trying to get before and after pictures but keep forgetting to get before pictures or I'll get after pics a day or more after.

And now for my current favourite plants, the autos. Auto White Widow (my fav) and Auto Kush. The genetics look very different from each other in growth and flowering even though they both had the same environment, nutrients, etc.
Auto Kush is more spaced apart with more bud sites and (currently) airy hairy flowers while the Auto White Widow is frosty in comparison and is packing on way more plant matter than hairs.

And a few more random Auto WW shots to finish up.



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So last post I mentioned how I'd removed the White Widow I (WWI) from the flower tent because I was sure I'd noticed nanners and thought it was male. I got some pics today (click for bigger pics) in better light and yep, although she looks like she's got nanners she also looks like she's got pistols so I got no idea if it's a female or hermie or what and dunno if I should bin it to prevent the hermie gene spreading or if I should keep it but try to go over the whole plant and remove as many nanners as possible. Any advice?

I also noticed what looked like pistols on the WWII but the pics I got didn't show it very well. They don't seem as far along as the WWI but the WWI had been taken out the flower tent and exposed to more darkness and less light which may have forced flowering more/faster. So now I've got no idea if the White Widows are males or females or both. Guess I'll find out as time goes by. I was hoping for a White Widow female and a male to breed but don't think I wanna breed a plant if it's so full of nanners.


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And here's some pictures of the rest of the ladies in the flower tent.

Green Crack (day 17 into flower).

Blueberry (day 17 into flower).

And next up are the autos. 54 days old for both. 28 days in flower for the Auto White Widow and 26 days into flower for the Auto Kush. I've been taking more pics of the Auto WW cause she's looked nice and frosty and photogenic from early on but I'll have to start getting more pics of the Auto Kush because she's starting to get a little frost. They're also both starting to get a few orange hairs.



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Aaaaand another update with lots of pictures because I don't use the app and can still upload pics.

Here's the Jack Herer and CBD-Hash Plant at 21 days old.

The Jack Herer got a little nibbled on by an insect. I checked the underside of the leaf and there was something teeny tiny and whitish. I should have looked at it under the microscope to see what it was but just smooshed it instead. I've run my thumb under the leaf a few times to hopefully smoosh anything living there and will try to keep a close eye on it. I've already got fungus gnats I don't want another bug infestation.

Next we have a flower shot each of the Green Crack and Blueberry at 20 days since flip.

Then we have pics of White Widow I and White Widow II, both of which I thought were male yet both of which are showing flowers 11 days after flip. Hopefully I've learned that lesson and will flower a plant out for more than a week to check.

And of course, last but not least, pics of the Auto Kush and Auto White Widow at 57 days old (31 days flower for the WW and 29 days flower for the Kush).



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Mid-week update time since I haven't updated in a few days. So yeah, it's another big one.

Jack Herer and CBD-Hash Plant at day 25 and their first LST. I was going to LST a few days ago but thought the main shoots were too small and fragile to try it with that plant wire tie stuff. Also the CBD-HP showed 'tri-shoots' after being topped, though really one of the not-main shoots is small and deformed so it looks like a tri-canna-tops.

Here's a full shot of the flower tent. This was taken just after the 2 week trim on White Widow I and II.

White Widow I and II (pics taken before 2 week trim).

I hadn't seen any frost on the Green Crack previously (probably cause it's at the back so harder to see close-up, plus the autos kept grabbing my attention more), but after I checked out the pics yesterday I noticed she's started to get a little frosty.

The Blueberry is started to get a little frost but less so than the Green Crack, and the flowers are smaller.

Both the Auto's are now at day 61 (8 weeks 5 days). The Auto Kush is day 33 into flower and the Auto White Widow is day 35 into flower.
The Seedsman seed page says the Auto Kush flowers in 7-9 weeks or 2.5 months (10 weeks?) from seed to harvest, but mine won't be ready in a week. The Kush is starting to fatten up a bit though and the hairs are getting more orange. There isn't much if any amber trichomes on her though, but they are almost all cloudy. Hopefully I can start the flush in a week or two. I'll likely do both autos in a staggered harvest which will be a first time for me to let the smaller buds fatten up.

The Seedsman seed page says the Auto White Widow will be done in 11 weeks (77 days) but also says 80-85 days seed to flower so no idea which it is. Mine will likely be closer to the higher number but I could be wrong. She's way frostier but not as hairy as the Kush and doesn't have as many orange hairs. Her trichomes have shown a few amber on the leaves even though she's still got maybe 15% clear. I'll be keeping a close eye on both of them and hopefully I'm not too far from harvest cause I really wanna smoke her.



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So last post I said I'd likely do a staggered harvest on the Auto Kush and Auto White Widow, but that may have been wishful thinking. Since I'm out of smoko and have been for a few weeks I'm considering taking down the Kush early so I've got something which should hopefully last me until the Auto WW finishes up. I know me and unless I do something I'll keep picking buds off both and there won't be much left for harvest. So if I take down the Kush it means I can hopefully leave the WW alone, and since the WW only has like 6 bud sites (I've already taken 4 odd smaller buds to try) I can't really keep plucking buds off her.

I'm thinking about doing the final flush on the Kush today or tomorrow so I can chop her down early. I might not even bother with a flush cause I'd still have to wait a week or so and I'm not looking for top quality smoke right now, just something to get me through till the next harvest. I've just gotta figure out if I should harvest the whole lot at the same time or take the bigger main buds first and let the smaller buds fatten up (like a regular staggered harvest) or if I should do the reverse and take the smaller buds first so the bigger buds can get to their peek fatness. Guess I'll figure it out later when I get in there.

I'm waiting on the site upgrade and I've got some stuff to do so I'll try to upload pics later today or tomorrow.


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Update time, but no pics until the bugs on the 420 website get ironed out.

Today all the ladies in the flower tent got a drink of plain water, though the Green Crack and Blueberry got some Trace Elements and Seasol cause their leaves are looking a little yellow and not as healthy as they should be. The White Widows are getting rather lanky so I tried to supercrop them like I did the GC and BB but all I did was crack my knuckles and hurt my fingers cause the stems are hard as hell. I'll either have to use a pair of pliers to break the stem for bending or I'll just let them grow as they are, all tall and lanky like.

The Auto Kush got her first flush on Monday. 6L with 2 of those litres being mixed with a flush solution. I could have gone another week or two with her but she's my sacrificial lamb cause I'm out of smoke and want something to keep me medicated so I can (hopefully) let the Auto White Widow finish up, get flushed, and cured for atleast a week or two before I dig into her. I took some secondary buds off the Kush already and took some more of the medium sized buds today and will let the main and smaller buds fatten up before her final flush and chop sometime next week.

On Wednesday the Jack Herer and CBD-Hash Plant, aswell as a clone of the Green Crack and Blueberry, were up-potted from 125mm pots to 175mm pots (the final pots will be 250mm). I was planning on up-potting the clone of the White Widow II and another Green Crack clone but didn't have enough pots. Thought I had more. But it worked out cause I only had enough soil for 4 up-pots. I'll have to wait till the Auto's get the chop to free up those pots. And I'll have to get more soil to fill them.


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Huzzah, my first journal sub. Welcome to my garden 420islife. And speaking of garden it's about time I dived into it for the day. I'll still be taking way to many pictures for myself but will be waiting on the site upgrade and simpler image uploading before I resume posting my picture tsunamis.


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Update time. It's uhh, been a lot longer since I last updated than I thought it had been. Oh well, not like many people are watching. With the website updates and PC picture uploads being way to annoying to use I took some time off to learn something new. With it now being Autumn I thought I'd take advantage of my new found growing skills and try my hand at growing a veggie garden. My backyard isn't good for growing in so I looked into something called container gardens, or simply growing veggies in pots. I haven't gotten anything in the ground yet and still wanting to get some more veggie seeds but it should be pretty sweet if I can grow something edible. Although it does mean I'll have almost a dozen more pots to fill with soil and have to water and look after. I also want to get a worm farm to get rid of weed evidence and veggie scraps which would also give worm poop and juice for both gardens. It's a win-win-win-win (I'm the fourth win).

And now the weed garden update. Still no pics cause yeah, I'm not going to use that annoying picture upload system. Hopefully it's usable soon. But no problem cause I used the time to learn how to grow a veggie garden. Yay.

I harvested most of the Auto Kush a week or so ago and left a few smaller buds on what's left of the plant and let it keep growing, more so I can see for myself how much more growth I could get from doing a staggered harvest. I didn't add anymore nutrients since the flush so not sure if you're supposed to or not. Oh well, I took her out tonight and will give her the final chop tomorrow. I can't really give an accurate smoke report cause she didn't go the full term or get a proper cure, but still a nice smoke and lovely looking plant with them bright orange hairs.

The Auto White Widow I was hoping to have atleast started the flush by now but she's foxtailing so I'll keep checking and hopefully start the flush next week. She's currently at 82 days (almost 12 weeks) with 56 days (8weeks) in flower. Still weird shaped fat buds. And smells good in an odd sorta way. Can't wait to get her in a jar to cure up before the big smoke.

The Green Crack and Blueberry are both 45 days (6w3d) into flower and they are both supposed to be 8 week strains. They're coming along nicely, getting bigger, getting frostier. Not sure if they'll be ready in a week and a half though. The Green Crack looks kinda spikey, almost like she should have more bulk so she's not so scraggly and prickly. The Leafly 'tips for growing' page says to "Start feeding with lots of phosphorus early on in the flowering stage" however she probably got the same feed as the BB so maybe I need to add more phosphorus next time. Still purdy to look at. I'll see what happens with her clone.

The White Widow I and II are growing fine. Tall and lanky ladies. 4 branches and that's it. Hopefully the WWII clone will look nicer being spread out instead of going straight up. I was thinking about maybe taking a smaller branch from the White Widow I in flower that I didn't take a clone of and try to reveg it, partly to see if I can do it at all but especially at 5 weeks into flower, and partly because she's looking bigger and frostier than WWII, so even though she showed herself to throw out nanners I might take a clone if I'm not too lazy otherwise she could be the genetics that got away.

Speaking of clones, the Green Crack and Blueberry clones, as well as the Jack Herer and CBD-Hash Plant (not clones), are growing nicely. Pretty nice and fairly even canopy with lots of tops. I topped a whole bunch of tops. The clones look a bit odd shaped but the JH and CBD-HP have nice canopies. I'm really happy with them so far. They could probably be way bigger but I haven't pushed the feeding, mostly cause I'm still new, and my attention lately has been on learning how to grow veggies. I've also been LST'ing the heck out of them too so they go out instead of up. Except now they are getting too many tops to tie them all down. I've got a scrog net for the flower tent but still no wetvac so I gotta move the plants every two days for a watering (yes it's getting annoying, but less annoying since I got an esky to mix/hold 10L of nutes instead of having to mix up 2L only every time). I forgot to get some more pots so the other GC clone and the White Widow II clone are still in the 125mm pots. I was going to wait till I harvested the auto's to free up two 175mm pots for those but am thinking I may have to up-pot the four to their final 250mm pots which will free up enough pots. That will then give around 2-3 weeks (if all goes well, which it usually doesn't) for them to grow into their final pot before going into the flower tent. I didn't think I'd get the timing right the first time and I haven't. Basically I'll be taking four out and putting four in (the flower tent), and that being for the whole 8 week flower period. I've gotta get it to say two out two in every 4 weeks so I won't have to wait 2 or more months between harvests, unless I can get enough to last me that long in between.

End update. I'll have plenty new pictures to upload when the website makes it easy to upload pictures again. Which will also mean less walls of text and more picture tsunami's. Just wanted to make sure I didn't get a post asking if my thread was dead. Nope. I just took some time off to learn a new skill.
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