Greenman's - Seedsman Lemon Auto Feminised - Soil - Mars Hydro Reflector 48 & 450W LED

Awesome job!
Thanks BBNT,
Im thinkin about doing some Dutch Passion for my next round, I'll be sure to put a link here when it's upon us (6-8 weeks).
UPDATE: Day 26
All the girls are really looking great,
The two smaller plants in the back both have pistils now showing and the big girl up the front is just powering and the laterals are extending however this plant isnt showing signs of sex yet, so hopefully she will veg a little longer and give a bigger yield.
I also purchased a moisture sensor/probe to see how efficiently they are drinking water, as well as see how the smart pots are effecting the moisture levels.

Heres some pics from today:

Thankyou BW,
Things are only gonna get better so stick around! :)
I plan to. I wish the dwarfs I have were about the size of your plants currently (even your smallest). Mine are so small, they are being hard to train, although one is going all natural.

I've decided that I will not be making seeds from these....I don't deal with the small well.
Looking good... It is really nice to see them grow so fast.
Yeah there is definitely something really satisfying about seeing visible growth every 24 hours, it makes the grow much more exciting and interesting.
UPDATE: Day 32
Both of the smaller girls are moving into flower very quickly, the big girl is not yet showing sex however it is showing the growth and colour change associated with pre-flower, has anyone experienced that before? iv never seen it.
Heres some pics from today.
(I have moved the bigger girl to the back to make pics a bit easier to see)

That main cola is stacking up nicely :thumb:
Yeah shes looking good now, I was worried about that one as it tool a week longer to pre-flower than the others, I cant complain as its an extra week of veg = bigger yield.
Looking good Greeman - you are giving them all your :green_heart:
Thanks Troy, I was a little bit skeptical with the strain but it seems to be doing well man. Im giving them as much love as I can without pissing them off too much :D
UPDATE: Day 42
All of the girls are doing great! :D I have fed with the CYCO platinum series bloom nutes, Cal/Mag, Blackstrap molasses and OZIMAGIC Monstabud & boy are they thanking me for it, I think they had a very very slight deficiency but they are extremely happy today with all the leaves praying to the light and the bud sites are really starting to pick up fast!
Plus the slightly taller pheno is really packing it on now, almost double the flower sites compared to the others.
heres some pics from today:

UPDATE: Day 44
Just before i post the update pics, I just wanted to show you guys my new logo/avatar, I figured seeing though I'm a graphic designer by trade I thought I should really not be so lazy and create an awesome new one :cool:, I will be using this as my profile image here on 420Magazine and when I start to make youtube grow vids, let me know what you guys think, would be hugely appreciated:

Now to the grow,
As you guys can see in the pics below that this plant is unstoppable, Its ready for another defoliation already, its an absolute powerhouse strain form Seedsman, I couldnt be happier with this grow at the moment.
You will notice the drastic colour change to a beautiful dark green since I have fed with the premium quality nutrients and supplements and all the bud sites are really packing the weight on fast! I cant wait to see the fat colas develop over the next 3-4 weeks.
If you look closely you will see the frost starting to form on the bud closeups :D:D:D stoked!
Here's todays pics anyway guys, please let me know what you think as any feedback is appreciated and awesome encouragement for me :).
Thanks so much for the support so far guys, you are my inspiration to kick this grows ass, well... that and the huge amount of sweet sticky buds.

Love the avatar!

Those plants are in serious stretch.
Thanks mate :) I appreciate it, The biggest girl is towering over the others hopefully not much more stretch lol!
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