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Opinions needed on my new grow box please!


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Hi i am now on my second grow (in my new D.I.Y grow box) 22 days exactly from when I planted the seed.
she has been planted in john innes seedling compost mixed with john innes farmyard manure and perlite.
I am only feeding her 60 ml of ice cold tap water once a day just before lights go out.
My light cycle is 19 on 5 off.
She currently measures at 6" high and 12" wide

the grow box is 18" x 18" x 42" but the actual grow space is 18" x 18" x 30"

The grow box is divided into 3 different areas i will beginning with the lower section first

I built this area to hold the pot and where there is a small usb fan that draws cooler air in
I also house my co2 generator (bottle containing water, yeast and sugar) in here with the 2 air lines running up to the above compartment where the foliage is (not shown in pic)
This area is completly shielded from the light and remains cooler than the rest of the grow area


This area is painted matt white
The floor is removable to allow easy access to the pot
The celling can be raised by an inch at a time as the plant grows so no light is wasted
I have 6 x cfl bulbs mounted on the ceiling 5 are 6400k and 1 is 2700k spectrum
I also have 2 x cfl bulbs mounted on the inside of the door

My total light output in lumen's is 9600


This is where the wires are enclosed i also have a small usb fan mounted on the top ceiling expelling air

My current temp is 23.4c
with a humidity reading of 51%

I am considering mounting 4 or more cfls on the removable floor to add an extra 4800 lumen
and another 6 cfls on the side walls and back to add an extra 7200 lumen

This would give me a total of 21600 lumen

I am just a little unsure weather or not to do this as not sure if it will be to much light for such a small space
any advice on this or any improvements that anyone could recommend would be very much appreciated


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This has to be at least the third thread you have made about this. I personally would quit spending all the cash on CFLs and just buy a Mars Hydro 300 old style panel for $65 and call it a day.


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Plant looks good, I would relax. I don't think you want too many lights down low, confuse the plant. Maybe some side lighting though. But as I said, by that point you would likely be beyond the $65 price of a nice LED that will do work in your space.


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Thanks Dr fish
I have taken your advice and tied the top main stem down and the side ones using loom bands and cable ties not sure if I have done this correctly but she is definitely shorter and more opened up now.
I have also added a couple more cfls to give me 12000 lumen in total temps are now sitting at 27.8c and humidity has dropped a little so I have added the glass of water which has brought it back up to 42%

I have spotted one leaf with a brown tip and edge which is worrying me though

Any advice or criticism from anyone will be more than welcome thanks



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Thank you for posting I will be following your grow. I'm a newbie have all my supplies for 400 watt grow box. Like you I want to do the best I can with what I got. Thank you I will be posting soon. Thanks

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