Parnelli's Panama Red

Turned on the bloom lights after trimming. After 15 days looks like bud sites are starting to appear. The plant has stretched and I trained it again after another watering & lower leaf trimming. Fed the redheads bloom nutes this morning.
Below are some pix of the girls in current state. Previous to this both plants had leaves that touched the lights. They were of course burned, not as badly as I thought they could be. Now the led lamp is set on veg and bloom settings (bringing all spectrum of light) and the cfl grow lamp is gone. Anybody grow on just the bloom setting?

Now the lamp is as far as 23" from the lamp and the closest is 12". The lighting is biased toward the side farthest from the lamp. Temp at the crown is 68.8F.



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A rambling thought: I used those blumat k/o's and the water started turning funky after sitting by themselves for 15 days. Disconnected them and cleaned 'em - did not reconnect yet. They kept these girls alive while they sat around with water only every 3-4 days as care.
Ok, so it is 7 days later and the girls have once again done well by being left alone. The soil was still moist when I checked them last night. I fed them with hi-phosphate nutes to help with bigger blooms/nugs. Trichomes are beginning to appear on leaves and I'm geeked. One thing I've noticed since I removed the CFL grow light and just gone with the LED is that the temp has dropped into the 60's. This AM I put in a 25 watt incandescent bulb to increase the heat in the grow tent. I'm hoping to get the temp into the 70's with lights on to spur bloom growth.
Looking good, best of luck getting the temps up. I remember my big CFL kept it too hot, it is always something isnt it.

Blumats can work great but ya gotta get the right dial in. It was too much work for me. I had it pretty good dialed in then I would screw it up. I liked them cause I go away for a week at a time. It was more of an emergency solution in the end. I gave up on them now. . . Lasted about 3-4 grows.

What ya got 6-8 weeks left in bloom? :thumb:
Thanks kelicBlue - temps are at 69.9F as of a few minutes ago - I've got a few different wattages of light to try to get the temp where I want it - in the mid 70's would be nice. Hit it on the head; from the info I got from ace seeds there should be another 6-9 weeks until ready to harvest.
It's March 10 and I just watered the girls and bent them down a little to get the stems closest to the LED's to about 10 inches away from the lamp. They were getting way too close. Also fed them with a shot of nutes. I'll let them bend toward the lamp and then take a few pix to share. Looks to me that a few of the pistils are starting to turn pink ; woohoo!
I'm starting to see more of the aging that Amy Gardner indicated. Won't be long now!

Amy Gardner said:

hi parnelli, nice! All reports say Panama is a lovely gentle sativa so I’m sure you will enjoy it :D
And :welcome: to my garden!

I don’t see any tell-tale pink or red pistils there in that pic. I do see a nice healthy green flower wth some pistils starting to age and recede, like they do. Nice and frosty too!

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