Parnelli's Panama Red

I moved the LED's farther away from the plants because it looked like the lamp was too close and burning the leaves closest to the lamp. It was as close as 8 inches from the closest stem; now it's back to about 15 inches. I also fed the girls with water and nutes. This time the nutes were mixed as specified on the package (Miracle-Gro bloom booster). I had been giving the plants a double dose. Did a little more training too to move some of the buds further away from the lamp. All of the trichomes are clear and I figure I'm a few weeks away from harvest.
Here are some pix of the girls with damage that I think came from being too close to the lamp and gave 'em a sunburn.

Hey bro I skimmed through the journal and saw you mentioned water issues. I'd highly recommend getting a under the sink reverse osmosis system at your kitchen sink. You'll love drinking it and so will your garden. I have a Apec system I really like
It seems more leaves that were in the most intense cone of light are showing sunburn too - just taken while to manifest itself. Think I'll do a little more trimming today. There are plenty of sticky trichomes that are on these plants that I'm afraid I'll have to lick my fingers when done.
Just watered and fed the redheads this morning. Doing an every Monday feed. Just the bloom light is on and it gives an eerie red tint to the plants. The red light does help me see where the damage has been done to the leaves before I was able to move the lamp to a higher position about 13 inches from the top. This is the beginning of week 9 of bloom. Ace indicates that full bloom occurs at 8-12 weeks. I haven't seen any more red pistils and the trichomes are still clear. That's telling me to be patient. I am tempted to cut off a bud and try it. Maybe then I can get a taste :yummy: .
Did a little trimming after watering and got my fingers sticky again. The smell I'm getting is not overpowering like some varieties. It smells piney and lemony. Not a lot of taste from the trichomes that stuck to my fingers; a slight citrus kind taste. Well my impatience showed because I cut off one of the medium sized buds to dry out and taste. I have it hanging and will try it as soon as it is dry enough - screw curing :).2019.2.38.JPG2019.2.39.JPG
So I didn't heed my own advice and had to taste the Panama red bud I plucked early from the girls. It taste great despite not being cured, had a citrusy, vanilla taste from my vape and little bite; only a slight cough after a big toke :volcano-smiley: . Nice buzz too!

I just watered the plants and checked the trichomes with a 10x loupe. There are a lot of them all over the plant and the buds look full and puffy. Can't really see if the tri's are cloudy and they are for sure not amber. New pistils have stopped growing and the pistils that are on the buds have turned dark. Monday will be the start of week 11 of bloom. Seems to me that early next week will be harvest time.
Think I'll keep this journal open until the buds are dried and I get to taste them in greater volume. Since I'm of an age and profile that is at a higher (no pun intended) risk I've stopped vaping and smoking. I am however expending my culinary repertoire (infused blueberry muffin this morning) and will cook with some Red as soon as I can. :yummy: I did not pull the plants from the pots and am attempting to reveg them. I think one will take because I left some leaves on the stems. I'm going to start another journal documenting the reveg - I've never tried it before and plan on planting them outdoors as soon as it warms up. It's snowing today so maybe next week.
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