Psychoactive Mushrooms & Cacti Discussion

That last inoculation was a dud. I think 4 in a row. So what the hell made more spore syringes and had another crack. Found out the hard way Iso fumes and naked flame don't go well together. Still got my eyebrows and the nazi wife in the other room didn't notice. But..

Bought this at a local nursery. Was hoping it psychoactive. Anyone out there good with cactus identification. It had no Latin name but looks promising.
@Stoned Ape That looks like a baby Saguaro, Carnegiea Gigantea. Not known for having any psychoactive alkaloids but will start developing white flowers in 30-60 years when it reaches 7 feet or so. Very slow growing, 1 to 1.5 inches a year.

Now I have a question for Cubensis farmers. Does anyone know if you can inoculate BRF cakes directly with a spore syringe or do I need to start mycelium on agar in a petri dish? It's been many, many years since my first (failed) attempt at cultivation, but I did learn then that spores sprout as monokaryotic mycelium and must meet up and join with another to form dikaryotic mycelium before fruiting can occur. It would sure be a lot easier if I can skip the petri dish step.
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