Beccabuds 2022 Tiny Closet Triple Header: 2 Each Godfather OG, Extreme OG & Afgoo

Preparations are well underway for cracking seeds April 7. Today I blended Geoflora Veg and Mycorrhizae into my soil and watered it in (see my Citrus Sap journal for mix details- I'm reusing it for one last grow before trying FFOF next time). Yesterday cleaned the seedling pots, then vacuumed and scrubbed the neoprene floor liner. Moved the San Pedro to my pvc/mylar tent and said goodbye to the Cerius Repandus to make room for seedlings.
Lighting in my tiny 22"d x 34"w x 72" space blanket lined closet will be from (2) Bestva Pro2000W LED panels running 18 hour days in veg and 12 when they flip. These are intended for much more space but in my little closet the 2 fixtures cover the whole canopy and they can run at dimmer setting 3 in veg and 5 in flowering. They barely get warm at setting 5.
I'm going to try Geoflora Veg and Geoflora Bloom for nutes with Terpinator throughout the grow and might add Massive in flower. I got kind of tired of the vast assortment of additives and boosters I was using with Advanced Nutrients- it just kept getting more and more complex to the point of no return. I will probably use some Bud Candy to feed the microbes because I have a quart of the stuff in the cabinet. This time I'm taking a simpler road to see if I can get as good of results.
I'll be setting the seeds April 7 because, according to the 2022 Farmers Almanac, the moon is favorably positioned for planting above ground crops (including flowers) on the 7th and 8th. Does planting by the moon work? Who knows, but I figure I need the best odds of success I can muster- these grows are a lot of work! Anyway, I only have 3 seeds of each variety so I'm going to use my version of the paper towel technique with Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent pathogens.

The seed strains:


From the (non-sponsor) seed vendor website the descriptions are
Extreme OG
BreederMendocino Farms
Cannabis SpeciesIndica
Flowering Time55-65 days
CBD LevelLow (<2%)
Feels LikeHappy, Relaxing, Sleepy
Yield Indoors (per m²)Up to 350g/m²
Yield OutdoorsUp to 400 gr
To TreatInsomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain
TasteCitrus, Earthy, Pine
Plant SexFeminized
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Skill LevelIntermediate

Godfather OG
BreederDNA Crew
Cannabis SpeciesHybrid
Flowering Time55-65 days
CBD LevelLow (<2%)
Feels LikeEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy
Yield Indoors (per m²)Up to 450g/m²
Yield OutdoorsUp to 550 gr
To TreatInsomnia, Pain, Stress
TastePine, Sweet, Woody
Skill LevelEasy
Plant SexFeminized
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

BreederCoastal Genetics
Cannabis SpeciesHybrid
Genetics70% Indica/30% Sativa
Flowering Time50-60 days
CBD LevelModerate (3-10%)
Feels LikeEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy
Yield OutdoorsUp to 500 gr
To TreatFatigue, Headache, Stress
TasteCitrus, Earthy, Woody
Skill LevelIntermediate
Plant SexFeminized
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

Can't wait to see some fast growing green. I've been watching time warped cactuses take 5 months to reach 1". :laughtwo:
Seeds are soaking overnight in paper towels wetted with 1% Hydrogen Peroxide in zip-lock bags. Took down the no longer needed light mover and installed ratchet type rope hangers for the lamps to make them easier to raise and lower.
Tomorrow I'll put the neoprene liner back in the closet, fill the seedling pots with soil, plant the seeds and cut some little plastic squares to cover and keep the soil moist while the seeds sprout.

The seeds are in soil and another Tiny Closet grow is underway. Filled the 9 pots with slightly damp soil and weighed each pot to get a baseline guide for watering. The lightest was 192.7g (6.81oz.), heaviest was 219.6g (7.76oz) and the average was 204.3g (7.22oz). Added 100mL purified water to each which seemed about right- they drained a bit. Watered weight, then, is around 300g. Planted each seed pointy end up or tried to, and covered them with sandwich bag blankets so they stay moist. I only spotted one opening shell (an Afgoo) while planting. I hope there'll be a bunch more by the end of the day. I planted them 6mm to 10mm deep (1/4" to 3/8") so it will be a few days before they break the surface. The plan is to flip the photoperiod around the beginning of June with harvest around 1st or 2nd week of August. :cool:

Here are my babies in their new home:

Here's the Tiny Closet. Two Bestva Pro2000W LED lamps power growth. Awesome lights that produced a fantastic crop last year. This time, after being up-potted to 1 gallon containers within a month, the 2 largest of each strain will be transplanted to 4 gallon pots at around 2 months and the light cycle dropped back to 12/12. Check out my new analog thermometer/humidity meter- no batteries- EVER. Old school cool.

The ventilation. 4" Vivosun charcoal filter canister as intake on a 4" Vivosun Inline Fan with speed control. High tech cardboard baffle with 4" exhaust manifold made by Beccabuds. Another aluminized mylar blanket is on the way to hang from the baffle as a light curtain/reflector. Last one was getting a bit worn. The C clamps worked great to hang the lamps from the shelf, which has been raised 6" with some 1"x6" boards. Lots of carabiners to keep cords and such orderly. Power for everything is controlled with Wi-Fi Smart Outlets through an app on my phone.

Welcome @Timhomegrow, to my tiny farm. I got 6 square buckets, now what I need is 6 more square feet :laugh:

I think gravity is the reason there are best times to plant. As the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun there are dips and peaks in gravity intensity. When gravity is lightest plants can take up water and nutrients with greater ease.
Or not, lol.
Nice start you seem to have a good handle on everything... Congrats on the new first born:woohoo:

And neat quote in signature...I have "experimented" with a few psychedelics and I agree with the see and and learn things through alternative state.

Any way if cool I'ma tag along....maybe crack a joke....or just sneak in and throw out a few hearts.. but have a great day growmie :headbanger:
Welcome, @HappyHazmat88. Pull up a chair and sit for a spell. Nothing fancy in my grow, well, except the new-fangled LED lights and wi-fi controls. Just highly amended potting soil and same techniques I learned so many years ago from Ed Rosenthal's Growers Guides.
This time, however, I am going organic with Geoflora nutrients. In all honesty, this soil probably needs to be flushed and leached- I've been using General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom for a couple grows in it.
We are, hereabouts though, suffering a megadrought, so using the water would be very wasteful, and I think I can pull off one more grow before dumping this batch of soil in the yard. The plants will let me know very soon if there are soil problems. I do have 2 bags of FFOF so I can switch it up at transplant if necessary.
Amazing! Overnight all the Godfather and Extreme OGs, & another Afgoo sprouted! Only waiting for one to pop now, Afgoo "B", and I bet it sprouts before the end of the day too. A couple of them still had their shell & protective covering so I soaked them purified water and very gently helped them out of their seed clothing so the cotyledons could unfold toward the light.
One of the Extremes came up root first so I carefully flipped it over and covered the root with soil. I think it will recover and do well now.

Same here @beccabuds , I'm most worried about fires this summer, where I live it's not a problem, as I'm surrounded by water on three sides. But I have some mountain property by Mt. Lassen, we got evacuated last year, we couldn't get in for about 3 weeks. They stopped the Dixie fire about 400 yards from our property. In one night the fire ran 12 miles in a 6 mile wide swath.
Well, the last Afgoo seed sprouted but it's got no cotyledons, no growing tip. I think it's pretty unlikely the first serrated leaves will be able to form but I'll give it a few days anyway. Even if it does manage to develop a growing tip, it will be way behind the others.
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