Searching for Marijuana job in Europe or USA


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Hello everyone.

I am a 27 year weed grower from Bulgaria. I grow since 2007. I have 8 years outdoor between (10-15 plants a year) and 5 years indoor expirience (under 4 KW lights and 20-30 plants a year). I got busted last year with 1 pound. I got two and a half years suspended sentence. I made my living in the last 5 years entirely from growing and selling until i got arrested.

This is my passion in which i devoted most of my time last 5 years, reading, watching, trying things and i wonder how can i get a job in Europe. As a trimmer, helping with growing, whatever. I want to be in the industry. I used living with this and it sucks when they take it. I search for job offers all over online and i mostly see for USA. How can a guy like me find a job in Europe in the industry? Where to check, what to do? Anyone hiring?

I have been soldier for 3 years, from 2009 to 2012 with one mission in Kabul Afghanistan and B2 English Level course completed, if this has any meaning at all.
Welcome Kosher-Kush

Good luck with the job hunt. In the coming years the sector will boom.

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