Seed & pot quality vs price

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I have notices online stores , even in the same city (Amsterdam) charge very different prices for the same strain of seed, in some cases ,double the price.I will not name the sellers.

does price = quality of pot/ stone?
Thanks for any insight

Van Stank

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There is not really any correlation between price and quality directly. Some growers argue, you get what you pay for. My favorite bud I have grown and smoked currently belongs to a freebie that was given by a seedbank and even if it wasn't a freebie, if I paid for it at asking price it would still be one of the cheapest seeds.

It really boils down to the parents that the breeder used. If they used garbage parents.....likely the offspring aren't going to be very good (sounds kind of like people huh). But there are exceptions to the rule in plants too.

I recommend you look at Nirvana. They are very reasonably priced and have great quality.

Electric Shaman

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I agree. If ya find a good strain take a clone (even if ya have to reveg it) and make a boatload of seeds. You can try with some strains and never find a good one. It only takes 1-2 plants to make seeds!

Electric Shaman

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Buy the flavors you like and steer clear of things ya don't. Growing techniques are more important. It doesn't matter what you get if ya can't get it to harvest!