SgtBrix's Garden, Indoor/Soil/1000w LED: Krishna Kush, Auto Blackberry Kush, 2018


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Hello and welcome to my garden, first i want to thank you for checking out my 1st grow journal. I look forward to talking and meeting all of you! I am a relatively new grower. This would be my second season. So with out further delay lets get into the details. :)

[SgtBrix's Garden Set Up]
We will be using two different grow tents. One for the auto Blackberry Kush (Dutch Passion) and Krishna Kush (Colorado Seed Co) will be in a bigger tent on its own.

The babys will be in 3 gal Smart Pots(OR one in a Airpot also 3 gal).

We will be using a Soil and Perlite combination. Soil is FFHF(FoxFarm Happy Frog) and Perlite is from Black Gold. The Ratio is 55% Soil and 45% Perlite.

Our Nutrients are from BPN(Blue Planet Nutrients) we are using the complete Elite Series 3-Part High Yield System + Gold Shield and Calmag Pro (if needed)
This package contains:

1 gallon of Elite Grow

1 gallon of Elite Micro

1 gallon of Elite Bloom

1 gallon of VitaBlue B-Vitamin Supplement

1 quart of Liquid Blue

1 quart of Early Bloomer

1 x Easy Weed Soluble Seaweed Supplement 8 oz

1 x Root Magic Mycorrhizae 4 oz

1x gallon of Gold Shield

1x Calmag Pro 8oz

Our Lighting
1000w Bestva 9 band Full Spectrum LED for Krishna Kush(Colorado Seed Co)

900w Phlizon 9 Band Full Spectrum LED for Auto Blackberry Kush (Dutch Passion)

The Auto Blackberry will be in a 2x2x4 tent

The Krishna Kush will be in a 3x3x6 tent

Both are high reflective mylar with 900D thickness.

The 2x2x4 Tent will have a 190 CFM fan and Carbon Filter combo (4 Inch) Adjustable Speed Controller.

The 3x3x6 Tent will have a 205 CFM Fan and Carbon Filter combo (4 Inch)
Adjustable Speed Controller.

Both tents will also have fans for air circulating.

Other than that if you have any other questions about what im using. Please feel free to ask.

I will be doing pictures once the 2nd tent arrives on monday.

The 2 seeds just finished there soaking for 15 hours. They are now in the wet papertowl method. I am using a controlled heating pad that i have a thermometer that is under the papertowl to control the heat. I am keeping them at 75-76 degree Fahrenheit. Humidity is between 45-60.

I thank you again for dropping by and reading about my medical grow. A little about me. I am a US Army Veteran. I Served over seas for 1 deployment. I was injured in combat and had to come home and do physical therapy. I am lucky to be walking. I live in constant pain, i have flashbacks, night terrors every night and many other problems.. but anywho. This is my new hobbies. Something to look forward to. A way to keep my mind distracted. This plant truely has helped and probably saved my life.

I Thank you for reading my journal or atleast the start of it. I look forward to talking to everyone as well!! Here are some pictures of my 1st grow. Enjoy!! And Happy 420 everyone!! :)

Water is Reverse Osmosis, that is PH corrected. (I get it directly from a water company great people with amazing water)


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These are some pictures from my 1st grow. Most are random bag seeds, only one that wasnt is the Sour Bubba witch is the darker/purple flower. I only used the 3 part system for these. So this new grow will have much better nutrients. Cant wait!! Thanks again for checking them out :)


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Hey Blew or anyone, i would like to upgrade my LED lights to something better quality. What would be the best thing to go about getting. Price range like 500-600$ if possible. But i can increase that amount if the quality is there and its truly worth the investment. Thank you for the info. I was looking at Black Diamond Dwarf Star.

Blew Hiller

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Hey Blew or anyone, i would like to upgrade my LED lights to something better quality. What would be the best thing to go about getting. Price range like 500-600$ if possible. But i can increase that amount if the quality is there and its truly worth the investment. Thank you for the info. I was looking at Black Diamond Dwarf Star.
Originally I planned to only grow in my GH, but had so much fun with it I decided to do an indoor winter instead of trying to read 1,000 pages on this lighting being better than the other...I asked someone I trusted and she said @TimberGrowLights...they are a sponsor here and based in San Diego. They have a wide range and also stock the latest rage....QB (quantum boards). My thought was to buy a brand name in the event I didn't enjoy indoor grows (I do...keeps me occupied in the long winter months!) I could sell quickly. I believe @Van Stank uses a Dwarf Star and I know @Chris Scorpio uses QB....I use a 200W Citizen COB from Timber and it worked very well in my 2x4 space.

Another lighting sponsor here is @GROWant but I do not have any personal experience with them...but have heard good things as well. Both have good websites so grab some coffee and peruse....

Chris Scorpio

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QBs are the shizz

I started with hps, did great but way way to hot when live on the surface of the sun like I do
I got two GROWant lights and really liked em for my veg area
Then a few where diying some QB setups, and I was hooked
So much cooler, incredible penetration
Timber has great ready to go lights, I have one for veg

You won't be disappointed with Timber


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Awesome thank you both for the info! Looks like we will be going with Timber since i keep hearing about them. I just need to figure out witch ones to get. I have to get 2. One for 2x2x4 and other for 3x3x6. :) the plants are going to love it!!

Witch by the way is time to check on the seeds!!


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Awesome ill go in there site and send a email! Cant wait to get rid if these bluepurple china LED lights. Im sure they will work and get the job done. But id like to get the best i can for my ladies. Plus its a investment of great quality stuff

Van Stank

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Hey there SgtBrix! Timber is a great light from all I hear about them and they are great sponsors as well.

If u are a DIY kinda guy those QBs are all the rage. I love my Perfect Sun Dwarf Star but it's coverage and height requirements don't suit me for flowering so I upgraded to the Fluence Spydrx Plus for flower. It's at the top of the field in terms of coverage and being able to run close to the plants (legitimately runs 6-8 inches above the canopy) and it's yield is phenomenal (over 1.3 grams per watt even with 2 of the 6 plants being very low yielders). I expect numbers closer 2 grams per watt on this run which includes about a pound off a Northern Lights plant.

I definitely agree the light is one of the most important factors in your grow. It's not an area to skimp on for sure! Good luck brother!


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Both seeds are now planted!! Both looked healthy and had great tap roots. i will be taking out the KK lady when the new tent shows up and she will have her own. Super excited can't wait! :) time for a smoke :bongrip::rollit:


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I've switched over to Quantum Boards completely and Timber would be my go to distributor, Perfect Sun lights are also top shelf quality if you have the space and air movers to run them.
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