Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Super quick update - more for my own benefit, little bit of a shit picture just had a little lst. Will be interesting to see how much they progress over the week while im away
Hello there Spitz!

Thanks man always happy to have more people travel along with me and my girls ✌️!

Had a bit of trouble with coco at the beginning but im growing very fond of it! After transplanting to there final pots the growth rate they've had is great! Look forward to seeing the final result if i say so myself! .

Spains great got some great weed over here. I cant speak Spanish my guy cant speak English but hell we all speak Weed . great pungent smell like a very sweet cheese taste great, possibly a hybrid of some sort deffo indica dominant. All in all great over here deffo recommend it!
Little picture of the girls awake..
Will be installing a scrog next soon. The net will have 4" spaces. Hopefully it will work well . just going to them grow a little more vertically so its easy for me to water ect.

Any guesses on how long roughly ill have to veg for now?

May also take a couple clones of the best looking plants... back left one looks like a contender for sure!

Veg until the plants occupy 50-65% of the net, whatever your liking is. Sounds like you are on the right track. Definitely let them grow taller so its easier to feed and defoliate.

Look at you go! These are looking healthier every time!
Starter to tuck the biggest plants into the scrog now. The plants dont look there best.. Was thinking i may need to give them a slightly higher feed? Or should i keep it the same? Anyhow any advice would be greatly appreciated.


This one looked like it could of been over fed but im not sure. This is what has stopped me from increasing its feed.

At this age... a thorough soaking of the coco will do them wonders. I would mix up a full batch of your week 4 AN series veg recipe and water each to thorough runoff (about 550 ppm). For the next week, water each to good runoff. Adjust PH to 5.8 going in. Scrog screens are a pain in the ass with drain to waste coco.

I know Cultivator doesn't water to runoff. Trust me, when coco plants don't look perfect, it's a feed or PH problem in the root zone. I'm not saying he's wrong and I sure in the hell wont challenge him. Coco problems are so easy to fix by watering to waste, Good luck!!
A pvc frame, screws, and twine make a fantastic screen. Your going to hate dealing with the ones in the back. If u can, elevate them in their trays. I used cake pans and hockey pucks. I get why people do it... I doubt I'll ever use a screen again. Looking good!
There such a pain to get too! Next time i will be doing a scrog like grow probably just utilise lst and topping.

Someone had a good idea of putting a metal screen underneath and them tying them down to that to keep them even.

Looking forward to seeing how productive this method could be. Next tine i think im going to try a perpetual sog for a couple rounds!
Quick update

Stretch is in progress tucked one last time. Took a few leaves here and there for light to come through to other bud sites.

Might just let them grow up now debating on a last tuck in a few days.

Turned ballast up to 600w
Also adding a fan under the canopy poiting up diagonally. Was wondering if they would benefit more from it being under or on top of the canopy?

Had a couple accidents on one or two. The front two plants (2nd picture) seen to be more sativa then the others. Or it mightbjust be me .

You going to flip them soon? I'd get saucers under them and elevate the pots to keep them out of any runoff. They look fantastic! Great job!!

I use a tower fan in a corner on low oscillating. If heat is an issue, I have a couple 6" fans that I sit on the bottom facing up. It will change the temp profile a bit of you need it.
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