Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

My bad I didn't include that yeah I've flipped them now about 3 maybe 4 days after I did the last defol I cant remember.

Ill count day 1 of flower when i see the first pistils.

I don't get any run off I give them 1.2L a day in 5gal pots, however, I do agree because either way I will need to flush them eventually also!

I did have a look at some tower fans but came to the conclusion i was running out of space. Tried to find some clip on fans we used to use but no where seemed to have them. A small 10" fan seems to be doing okay so far. Deffo seems to be helping a little with temperatures
Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Defol once they stop stretching. Usually somewhere around 14-17 days

I'm around week 2 flower myself and just completed a pretty decent defoliation.

Plants looking great man!
Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Back again!
Little picture update
We are officially in flowering! When i see the stretch is finished i will do last defol i think.
, this is what i came back too:


Did another tuck on a couple of the plants that couldn't quiet keep up with others.

How they are after a tiny tuck and couldnt help but take a couple fan leaves here and there that was really blocking bud sites.


Temps have been a little high at 32 humidy sitting around 60%. They are now drinking 1.5L a day (unsure whether to get them to drink more?)

Guess things are more or less auto pilot now... considering getting a perpetual on. Thinking off mainlining next time. Working out how i can have a harvest every 3-4weeks with mainline training?
Just thinking of the future...
So many strains! Going to start a monthly harvest.

Me and my partner get bored quiet easily of smoking the same weed over and like to refresh our tastebuds with a little something else now and then.

Thinking of starting 3 different strains and keeping them going untill i eventually find something new i would like to try.

Thinking of trying Blue dream, Blueberry Headband and Lemon Kush.

Anyone know or heard any info on these strains or have any recommendations?

I hear good things about Blue Dream (BB x Haze). That being said, Blueberry and Haze are two classic strains and I wonder why not try them instead in their original form? You'd have you a good indica and sativa. Guess I'm just ole fashion, but I've gotten over the"name" and picture. I recommend Sensi for a skunk, ACE for some good sativas, and about any Afghan/Kush/indica combo.

If your stuck on the latest, I hear good things about Blue Dream. Super Lemon Haze by greenhouse seeds is a good one too.
Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Theres so many different haze strains ive tried and whats available around my local area I thought Id try something new!

Just finished my last 3.5 of some lemon haze whether it was GHS im unsure either way the taste is always great!

Theres so many new strains out there it gets hard to see whats generally worth it and whats not.

Thinking of it, i did have some blueberry some time last year that was a great smoke, may have to get myself some seeds, any ideas on whos got the best seeds for this strain?

I want 1/2 strains that i can grow constantly and 1 strain that will get changed every 2 months or so.
Buds are setting in now. Theres a lot - i repeat a lot of fan leaves everywhere! Blocking a good few bud sites too. I have removed some, trying to keep it as minimal as possible.

Theyve stretched quiet a bit. Think its stopped now.

Humidty is also quiet high. Going to install another small fan if i can find one.

Going to change my feed from Advanced Nutrient Micro Grow Bloom to Ionic Bloom. Only problem is im usure of how much to use. Looking for 700ppm of it. The bottle itself says 7ml per L which seems a bit high.

All in the official package .they gave me great customer service but to be honest my bagseed are better quality seeds in terms of maturity, color, size and even germination speed.

Gutted about it being a male but i may keep some of the pollen just incase.

Tents just a big mess now too!

All part of growing... feminized doesn't mean 100% unfortunately. Always stinks to have to cut something down early but if you haven't grown a ton then just look at the situation as gaining experience. The others look great!
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