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Hey guys BEFORE U READ THIS LOOK AT MY PROFILE PIC THEN READ MY QUESTION, i cnt figure out how to load pics to the forum.
Anyway...This is my first closet grow with cfl and led bulb, im pretty sure im following everything by the book but my seedlings stretched out, they look healthy and look like they stopped stretching so rapidly but what should i do from now on and how much water should i give each seedling in their own solo cup when the soil is dry and cup is light. Please help ill take any help i can
Btw im using a nitrogen high soil ,6cfl, 2 led..
Im planning on getting a 400watt hps bulb for flowering though. Please guys what should i do to make sure i gwtmy bbys to flowering and harvest....
Photo upload help is found on 420 main page. I can't see your profile pic From mobile.
Sounds like your light was too far away.
Make sure the cups have drain holes and let them dry. Weight is a good way to know when they need watered.

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Hey man

Welcome to the growing world! Exciting times ahead for you!

When you have seedlings only water when the soil is dry! Becareful of overwatering as this is the easiest way for a new grower to kill their plants. But besides that the best advice I can give you is READ!! Don't just take one persons advice, different strokes for different folks.

There is so much great info on this site and I'm sure it will be able to help with all you questions!

With the pictures upload, if you are doing it from your phone. When you type you just need to click on the arrow pointing up . kinda looks like that! It will bring up a option to upload pictures!

Keep it real

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Here they are...and yes ive veen waiting for the soil to be dry and my cfls and leds are very close so i dnt think thats why they elongated....Do they look ok???

And yes ive been watering everyother day when the soil is dry and my lights are closer now but they werent that much farther away before. So idk wgy they stretched. But how do they look, and what are some tips u guys can give me.
Im gonna post a new thread in this same topic but with more pics of my whole set-up. The title will be First time grow HELP PLEASE!!!
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