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This is my second grow, my first grow was just some seeds that were found in a bag of fifty and I put them in soil in my closet, and can you believe it they are almost done budding. These poor under nourished plants are the pioneers of my newest hobby. They should be saluted and enjoyed!

Lets have a moment of silence for them (as they will be harvested soon)

..................... (my eyes are tearin thinking of the harsh life they had)

Now, onto the second grow.

My first Hydro Top Drip System

Strains :
All are feminized
4 White Widow
4 Ice
4 Crystal
1 Spicy Hash (free with my order)
$140 invested in seeds

I purchased 5 of each, not a bad turn out, 80% germinated.
I did have 3 spicy hash, but I got rid of 2, they just looked weak.

System :
Hydroponic Top Drip
22 gallon resevoir (18 gallons of distilled water used in it)
Dutch Leaf Tray setup

Nutrients :
Aqua Flakes A&B
Homboults Roots
I just refilled my resevoir and put 75ml of A&B (trying to calculate this is like
trying to figure out the meaning of life, its 1 ltr to 250 ltr) not sure if I
put enough or not.

Germinated :
Rapid Rooter
Placed in Hydro system July 1st

Feeding Schedule :
Every three hours for 15 minutes
a steady stream of nutrients, not really a drip

Lights :
each dutch leaf tray has a T5 two lamp setup with agromax grow bulbs

Grow Room :
a basement, not the cleanest area, but lots of good airflow

PH :
not sure of the exact number, I dont have an electronic tester yet,
but the color falls into the right catagory, I cant remember the number
off hand.

Number of Plants :
13 total plants

CO2 :
I have a gallon jug with yeast and sugar in it, and my plants seem to love
it. I just have it sitting in the room with them, no real schedule with it.
i remove it and place it in my flowering room with my first grow. They
share it

No idea, I've read this is very important, and I will be learning all about
this in the next few day, and I'll be getting a tester for it

Pictures :
Soon to follow (once I figure out how to post them)

Result so far :
I am completely shocked at how well these are doing compared to my first
grow. These are like Super Plants compared to my soil grow.
The stalks on the Ice are comparable to what I have blooming now.
The Ice plants are doing remarkable well. The white widow had me worried
in the first few weeks, they just looked very weak, and unhealthy, but since
they have showed HUGE improvement with lots of new development.
I give myself a big thumbs up, and I cant wait to see the improvements
that I make on my system and setup for the clones that will be cut from
these mothers. The clones will be going into a aeroflow 30 system.



you can notice how the White Widow, in the back, doesnt look too
Uh OH...some of my Mothers are getting a little too big, or atleast they seem like soon they will be too big for the dutch trays that I have them in. What can I do if they get to big for the tray? I imagine all the roots are running together on the bottom of the tray, will I be able to transplant them...or do I just let the do what they wanna do..cause I'm stuck with where they are at?
One month into the process. I just refilled my resevoir. I got my PPM at 680 and my Ph at 5.76. Everything seems to be going very well. My mothers seem very happy with no problems, other than a few of the bottom leafs have fallen off, but I'm sure that is no big deal.
The Jungle.....

Ice, looking sweet..nice structured plant

White Widow in the back on the left, Crystal in the front on the right

This is the Before pic, ( July 1st )

This is the Present pic, ( Aug 1st )
Looking good Underground! Don't worry about the dutch trays like you said the roots are probably all growing together and are unable to be seperated without cutting. If you have any questions or comments this is the place. I will be steering some members towards your journal and hope thats OK? It seems you know your grow and with these ladies headed into flower in the coming weeks there are many members who will be able to benefit from your green thumb.
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!

Sending you lots of positive energy through the Universe.
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