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ThsPot & LunchBreaks Strain Review Thread


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Me and LunchBreak will be starting a Strain review. We will be trying to post bi-weekly reviews if we don't get to busy. My first review will be tonight. See you guys then.


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Ok guys here we go. Night after halloween we got some good strains to review today. Later Thspot will stop by and drop a review and our Cover Photo for this thread were starting. :lot-o-toke: Some words may be created in the documenting of these strains.

We welcome more strain reviews and comments on the buds we smoke if you have different opinions on the taste or anything let us know. Nugporn encouraged.

Tonight were starting off with Grand Daddy Purp.

The Smoke: Berry with hint of pine and hashy after taste. Not overwhelming. Smooth Smoke.

Smell: exactly how it tastes but a little sweeter berry smell

High: quick onset head high. and slow oncoming body high. Mellow. Relaxing. good smoke to relax to after work.

Appearance: Dense with a little purple hues. lots of trichs. Sticky.

Hash Coin Overall Rating: 3.8/5

I would definitely buy this strain again and recommend it to my fellow smokers.

Enoy the photos



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So to start off my first review i wanted to do it with a good strain. This is the first time i ever tried this strain FYI.:rollit:

Pineapple Express

The Smoke: Very sweet and rich taste

Smell: Fruity and you can smell the Pine heavily with a hint of apple

High: Great sativa for daytime use. This is generally what i use it for when i go out on weekends. keeps me up and motivated. Very happy and energetic. Im not sure if its because im smoking Pineapple Express or if the high is really this awesome

Appearance: well you guys can see for your self. Orange hairs all over the place.

Hash Coin Overall Rating: 3.9/5

some might say its " the dopest dope i ever smoked" hands down.


hope you guys enjoyed the review. I would tell you, if you get the chance defiantly and definitely grab as much as you can. :thanks:



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today im reviewing blueberry diesel, i picked this strain, well i wanted to do something different and this is what i came up with.
this is not the best looking a bit leafy so im guessing this pheno type came out more blueberry which is a sativa dominant and esp considering the smell like dank blueberries.

The Smoke: a little hashy but smooth still

Smell - berry and pine

Taste - very berry tasting with a hint of diesel

High: good day time smoke unless you got things to do. ist a heady high border line scatterbrain

Appearance: like i said not the best looking but great taste, would i buy this strain again? not really theres just other strains i would go with.

Hash Coin Overall Rating:2/5



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here we go guys saturday night. Me and lunchbreak dropping some reviews tonight.
dropping some knowledge on you mutha fuckas.

enjoy the nugs:tokin:

Tonights review: Widow Cheese

The Smoke: earthy and pungent

Smell: smells like blue cheese straight outta safeway

High: onset head high right away. body high kicks in after. Man this high is awesome after 10min.

Appearance: color is amazing, orange pistils. dense. check it in the pics

Hash Coin Overall Rating: 3.6/5

overall i would buy this strain again for daytime use. Love the high could defintly go out after smoking a nice sesh of this. But you can also kick back at the crib and hangout.



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guys im doing a DOUBLE HEADER tonight. Feeling good off the last review im going to do another review.

Im going to let you know now this is my best strain i reviewed yet.

Tonights Menu: CHEMDAWG

The Smoke: like inhaling the back of a exhaust pipe:allgood:

Smell: pungent aka DANK as hell. heavy diesel smell

High: one oof my favourite highs. nice kick. lots of laughing. nice head high. Could smoke on this all day no problem.

Appearance: dark spots on light nugs. Love the look of it. lots of trichs

Hash Coin Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Guys this is definitely in my TOP 3 strains ever. i know some people that don't like the taste or the high. But for me someone that likes doing shit when im high, its perfect. I can get shit done and still feel awesome walking on pillows without the heavy high feeling.
the taste kicks you in the head every time. I was smoking this in a vape shop and every time i took a hit it Warms your face like taking a shot of whiskey on a cold winter day. really enjoyable.

i would recommend this to all the sativa smokers out there:bigtoke:

enjoy the pictures



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Pre 98 Bubba Kush
yellow, today im reviewing pre 98 bubba kush i have smoked bubba before, this pheno is super fruity smelling. this indica dominant strain wont overwhelm you nice chill relaxing high. Would definitely get this strain again.:yummy:

The Smoke: piney with hint of citrus and alittle fruity, nice smooth smoke you can tell it was flushed nicely.

Smell: fruity with hint of citrus and pine

High: nice relaxing body high but not too much could still be good daytime smoke.

Appearance: nice orange hairs with nice bud structure with a good amount of trichage

Hash Coin Overall Rating: 4.2/5



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UPDATE: new reviews coming on the 1st of the month. Our next review we enjoyed so much we will enter it into the nug of the month contest.

See you guys soon

Smoke it down:roorrip:
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