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Two, Zero, Two, Zero Let's Grow


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Welcome Everyone who views this thread!

I invite you to take participate here, and encourage everyone to post Comments, questions, conversations and criticism.

Let's get to it!

Equipment being used:

3x3x6 ft Pure-Tent
10" Carbon-Filter and 4" Vortex Fan
24" Box fan strapped right to the lighting.
Samsung LM561C 4pcs strip lighting (Max 240w at wall) DIY Construction.
PROMIX HP Mycorrhizae medium
PH test strips
TDS Meter
Digital Temp/Humidity meter
Cannabis seeds (Reg Blueberry Bag Seed)
Megacrop nutrients
DIY Container (Mayonnaise Jug+Black tape)

---- Plan Details ----

Using an Android application to get a ballpark range of lighting levels that I'm aiming for during the grow.

Vegetative 30,000 - 40,000 lux
Flowering 50,000 - 65,000 lux


< 15,000 lux - sparse or "stretchy" growth - plant isn't getting enough light
15,000 - 50,000 lux - good amount of light for healthy vegetative growth
45,000 - 65,000 lux - optimal amount of light for cannabis plants in the flowering stage
70,000 - 85,000 lux - a lot of light, some strains do okay at this light level.

Humidity levels to aim for during the grow.

If the Environment temperature rises Above 85F or falls below 55F it slows or stops growth completely.

Humidity: 60% - 80%
Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C

Humidity: 40% - 60%
Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C

Humidity: 40% - 55%
Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C


Once the plants grow up a little, I will attempt to use GA3 in order to produce seeds for future uses. I've never used Gibberellic Acid "GA3" before, But here is some useful info on how to Get Started..

Spraying 1 cola once a day for 5 straight days in Veg, then will flip to Flower. No more spraying the cola after the flip.


Attempting to mainline this plant into 16 colas, 1 which for GA3 use and 1 more for seed production. End result is 14 usable colas for personal use medication.

I'm not even sure if this is a "Real Mainline" because instead of cutting back the plant to only 2 main arms for a starting point, I allowed 4 arms in total to be the starting point and IMO It helps with the speed of growth and with spacing of colas In general.


You can count and see how I'm attempting to create 16 colas here in the beginning.


At this point I accidentally broke 1 arm and taped it back in place and it did recover, but the one cola did show slower growth for a while.

This is still growing along in veg 18/6 lighting schedule and I'm on day 3 of using GA3, so very soon it will be flipped to 12/12....

Stay tuned if you wanna see more!
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More photos to come soon.

I've been LST this plant to help keep it symmetrical as possible and to keep an even canopy while giveing colas space to bud up while in flower.


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Got my wife a little gift "Ritual box" from a company called Ahlot. It's much larger then I thought it would be. Either way its built solid and I think the "A" engraved into the wood looks slick, esp since my wifes Name also starts with an A. I hope she enjoys it for a long time.



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Hey bud. Lets grow
Can you smoke the rest of plant after G.A. been used on just one limb?
I've been looking into this myself actually.
Only info I can find says dont smoke the plant you sprayed with GA3 same as other methods, but I've yet to see anything talking about just spraying 1 branch and smoking only the ones that didn't get sprayed.

Anyone with experience with GA3? Could give some insit into this?


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To be clear, I put a sandwich bag around the 1 branch I'm spraying and made sure all the spray only happens inside that bag.

I've used only 1 other method before (STS) and I did smoke the whole plant except the branch that I had treated.

I'm kinda hopefully that GA3 would be the same deal. Otherwise I would have sprayed alot more then 1 branch.

Hopefully someone with GA3 experience can jump in and advise us as to what is safe and what is not safe.


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Thanks for the invite @CADBOY , might as well do what I can to answer your questions here so all can join in :)
That would be great Celt...

Basicly I'm using GA3 to make some seeds off my current plant. Only spraying 1 branch while inside a bag. The rest of the plant I plan to smoke. So I'm wondering how safe this is in general and what precautions I should take before consuming any part of the plant.

Thanks for your input.

The Celt

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In all honesty guys, GA3 is a naturally occurring plant hormone that regulates certain growth characteristics in plants. There will be a certain level of Gibberellic Acid in the bud regardless of if you sprayed it or not.

What we are doing when we use it to ”reverse” a female, is to apply it at a certain time contrary to what the plant would do. When a female cannabis plant is put into flower (12/12 indoors) that initiates the production of ethylene, another hormone responsible for producing female flowers. When we spray our plants with GA3, we are blocking ethylene production and as the plant needs to flower, it produces pollen sacs rather than bud.

It has other uses as well, such as reversing male plants to produce female flower, breaking dormancy of old, hard to germinate seed and preventing flowering from occurring all together. It’s all in the timing and concentration that causes these changes.

As for safety, I wouldn’t recommend eating raw GA3 even though I am not sure if there is an LD50 limit, but sprayed bud is quite safe to consume. If you have ever eaten seedless fruits/vegetables, grapes for example, you have consumed GA3. It is used to cause fruit set without the need of pollen Creating seedless fruits/veggies.

Thats the simple short version lol

The Celt

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Well just did a quick search for Gibberellic Acid MSDS sheet, no LD50 level and might cause mild irritation of eyes, lungs and skin.

Appearance: white powder.
Caution! May cause eye and skin irritation. May cause respiratory and digestive tract irritation. This is expected to be a low hazard for usual industrial handling.
Target Organs: None.

Potential Health Effects
May cause eye irritation.
Skin: May cause skin irritation.
Ingestion: May cause irritation of the digestive tract. Low hazard for usual industrial handling.
Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation. Low hazard for usual industrial handling.
Chronic: None


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Plant color treated with GA3 at 5days.
This one branch has clearly grown more the rest.


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Now the flip and that branch is likely to double in size, I usually bend those limbs over top the rest if I am doing open pollination
Haha dammm. It's already outgrown the rest by 2 or 3 inches easy. Yes I'll bend that one over for sure so it can pollenate the plant. No more GA3 spraying. Put the rest in fridge till next time.


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Cut off all the lower yellow leaves and smaller popcorn branches and bent that 1 branch over since it's going to stretch so much. 12/12 now.
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