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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world


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Haiti: $50-$100USD per lbs.

Are they accepting new immigrants, lol? That's an awesome price. Almost makes up for Japan's. Almost. Japan's price is... If you bought that $100 Haitian pound in Japan, it'd cost you $44,800. Just to put things into perspective.


I've searched the internet and found this out.

Cannabis For Seniors

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is this cheap or expensive?


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Neither one is actually cannabis.


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New Zealand (depends on region and time of year, but generally the below is rather accurate)
Current exchange rates: NZD-USD (xe.com)

1gram (tinny): USD$14.50 / expect to pay $14.50 for .5g if purchased from a gang tinny house
3gram (fifty bag): USD$36
OZ: USD$ 250-$300


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here in portugal it's around 5-10 eur per gram of weed. usually its good quality.
we used to get angola green and angola red, some rare african weed strains, back in the 90s, to early 00's.
mainly from people living here, native from angola. it was a pretty good smoke, some of the best i've had.
from what i've read and i agree, mostly sativa. nice euphoric, mildly psychedlic high. great stuff.
for hash, we pay around 1.5 to 2 eur per gram. quality is good to very good, usually, it's almost always
moroccan hash, mostly indica.


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South California here. I'm giving my hydro stuff at 100 an ounce and it's going fast! Harvested around the 10th and by 15th I'd already given out roughly 4 ounces for $380.
Giving out another 4 ounces tomorrow for 400 plus an extra 4 ounces on hold.

People are loving my hydro gg4. Very good stuff this grow, my best yet
I know I could get more but I'm happy to get rid of it this fast!


Weed from the Gov't of Newfoundland's online store (it's legal as of Oct 17th) starts at $5.70/gram. ($4.35 US) Much of it is out of stock at the moment, but normally there is a pretty wide selection in the $6-$8 range. (about $4.50-$6.00 US) This price includes free delivery, if it's over $99.


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Nice. That won't buy much more than a pound (~$2,700) here.


$50 bucks for 3.5 grams!!? Yikes! And some people are complaining that the legal stuff is too expensive here in Newfoundland at about $21 for the same amount! (which works out to about $16 US!)

3.5 grams goes for $50 in usa.
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