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Woke up this morning to this - Help


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Soooo, there was a mild storm last night, but the winds got quite heavy last night. I wasn't sure if there is an exact way to fix this, but i've seen grows where they purposely bend the stem like this as a form of LST, should I be worried? She will only be outdoors for another 2 weeks, then switched to indoors. Opinions??
Stem is literally 180 degrees.



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You're fine. That was the stem saying "Hey, I want more light." and grew so all the leaves could get as much light as possible. If the bend really bothers you, you can always just slide the plant a little in the direction it's bending in. It'll straighten back out. Conversely, you could also just slide it a little more in the direction opposite, and tease it to grow a little more to that direction.


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As long as the stem didnt actually break (which it does not appear to have) then youre ok.

Many of us purposely bend over branches (called LST). I do it often when plants are too close to the roof or too close to eachother.


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I'll be honest, I'd actually consider training it to grow that way. could be interesting

By all the things people are telling me, why not! Gives the plant 2 less inches of stem and 2 more of bud thats all I really see :)
Thank you guys all so much, definitely cleared my mind.
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