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  1. Tayyar

    Drooping leaves, and it's probably not overwatering

    Hey 420 family. I'm back with my fourth grow, and I'm encountering some issues I'm trying to figure out. Here are the facts: Strain: OG Kush feminized Light: 240W LM301H Medium: Coco with 50% perlite in a 28 liter (6 gallon) air bucket Method of growing: Manifolding to 12 branches Time in veg...
  2. Marcelsaccoun

    Over watered?

    I've read so many opposing things all over the damn internet! At this point im not sure what the hell is wrong to be honest, first time confusion ! Wondering if anyone can let me know whats wrong with this little baby, I'm thinking over watering but the pros out there might be able to let me...
  3. B

    Am I overwatering? Or is the soil?

    I’m currently trying to grow two plants and they seem to be growing well, on day 15, lower leaves have slight yellowing and leaves are always dropping a bit. I will wait 2-3 days between watering and make sure the pot is light and the soil is dry an inch or two down this time I even checked the...
  4. S

    Why are my leaves so sad?

    the past 2 weeks they've been getting worse. Temps stayed in the mid 80's, that's what I keep them at under LED's. Switched to plastic pots since air pots seem to get them root bound (maybe I'm overwatering?), using biocanna at 1/4 strength. Lights are 18" above canopy. Only 3 out of the 6 are...
  5. moderngroroom

    Droopy leaves? Help please

    strain-2 critical purple 2 northern lights critical purple-90%indica 10% ruderalis northern lights-80%indica/ 10% sativa/ 10% ruderalis phase - flower phase - 1 week indoor grow soil- fox farm ocean forest pots -3 gallons inline fan temps - 77/81 depending on daytime temps they jump around...
  6. Lungbutterorbs

    Over watered?

    what's up everyone? I just watered my babies 3-4 days ago the soil is mostly dry. I just added a new light to my tent so heat has been a battle lately as im waiting on an inline fan and filter. But could I have overwatered and the hwat from the light make the soil dry up faster but the plant...
  7. M

    Having bit of an issue some advice would greatly be appreciated

    I have a 4x3 ft grow room with 2 critical purple auto and 2 northern lights auto.. for my lights im using a optic 4 led full spectrum. Im using fox farm ocean forest for my medium straight out the bag no added perlite or anything. My planters are the smart pots fabric 3 gallon pots.. my critical...
  8. J

    9 day old auto in jiffy pellet leaves curling badly - Help please

    Hello friends, this is my first grow and any advice is welcomed. I can't upload attachments yet, here are the photos: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Imgur: The magic of the Internet Here is my setup: - Seed: Industiral Plant CBD Auto - Medium: Jiffy Pellet for now...
  9. R

    Overwatering - Flushing due to possible nute burn

    Hi folks, Back again for my tri-annual grow and having a bit of a problem. I read somewhere that watering new soil beofre transplanting gave the soil a headstart, so I did. I can see that as a result my plants are suffering from overwatering as the soil was plenty wet when I transplanted but I...
  10. J

    Help! Unsure what's wrong with plant

    Hello! I'm growing my first plant, and something's started to go wrong with it in the last few days. The larger leaves have gotten brown stripes between the veins, and they've curled inward and down (photos below). I grow it in soil in natural light. I've been doing tons of research...
  11. B

    Yellow Spots on leaves - Droopy plant yet explosive root growth?

    Hey guys, Here's my setup. I'm doing an indoor grow in the BC NorthernLights BloomBox. (2 chambered box, controls lights watering etc.) It's a hydro setup with a DWC with airstones and a top feed dripper system. The medium is clay pellets. The two biggest plants are chemdawg from seeds...
  12. A

    What is wrong with my plant?

    First grow, one of the plants has yellowish leaves, still green but a slight tint. The leaves are also curled down a bit. What could cause this other than overwatering as I don't think I am overwatering and other plants seem fine? Many thanks Sarah x
  13. L

    Possible Overwatering?

    I think my plants may be showing signs of overwatering, can someone please confirm this? Does anyone know the degree of the damage and what measures I should take right away? The plant is 22 days old and still in its veg cycle.
  14. C

    Root rot - Over feeding - Low humidity? DWC troubles

    I am a successful soil grower of many things but now that I have decided to grow hydroponically it's been trouble! I have two plants, strain is pineapple chunk. I just moved them from soil about a week and two days ago. They are a little more than two weeks old and since I put it in The hydro...
  15. F

    I need some help

    A few questions. Let me start by saying Hi, I'm a rookie. Now please let me explain what my story is. Firstly, On a day I had to go home and quickly exchange clothes and things to get ready to go somewhere else. So I came in and took a look at my plants. They were looking very nice. Two of...
  16. SCaldwell

    Cannabis: Overwatering 101

    As you all know I am a newbie, growing medical marijuana for my mom who has lymphoma. Because I am growing for my mom, who is already hesitant to use medical marijuana, I wanted to make sure I grow it properly and obtain a high yield. Researching medical marijuana cultivation these past few...
  17. henman

    Nitrogen toxicity or overwatering?

    Hey all! First off, I'm a first time grower, so bear with me if I haven't fully grasped every concept there is. Which is also why I'm turning to you guys! After rummaging through the forums I have come to realize it is filled with fantastic experts and enthusiasts! Anyhow, After doing some...
  18. Pisces-420

    Droopy Leaves Help!?

    Ok so noob grower here. I have an that I have had for 2 months just put into flowering...she is doing amazing. I also have a Strawberry cough clone with droopy leaves. When I bought here she had burnt tips(nutri. burn?) Yet the leaves where at least sticking out. Now she is all droopy what...
  19. M

    Mad's Medic Lemon Skunkberry in Soil Under LED

    Hey all! I'm very happy to be here and recenty got the setup to put a couple lovely ladies under an LED light they. I have received these plants after two months of growth. I havent started a nut chart yet and have watered them each with 1/4 cup of water. My temperature in my Closet Grow has...
  20. T

    Stunted and yellowing seedlings

    Hey guys, I was hoping i oils be able to find a solid answer and not have to start a thread for this but no one has responded to my grow and I haven't found anything on the site to really help me out so hopefully someone here can help me out. I have 5 or 6 sprouts that are nearing the 2 week...
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