1st Grow In Soil

LOLOLOL!!! Sounds good Vick, I was just taking pictures of the ladies. I meant by dying off of the stress it's been through. I'll start snipping after I upload these new pictures. A chair dropped on my plants. =[ two bud sites broke off on the smaller ladies and I dipped it in water and left it there for about 5 minutes as I was grabbing my cloning gel, root magic, and perlite and soil.

Here's the biggest out of them all


Here's the ladie that got snapped when I LST.

Here's all of them.
Just got done transplanting two of the OG's and headband. HSO and OG13#1 and of course headband. The clone, was dying this morning when I woke up to turn on the lights. I checked back when I grabbed the ladies to transplant into 3.7Gal pots where they will finish in. The roots of both OG's looks fantastic and it felt like it was perfect timing for them to transplant. Transplanting them was REALLY easy and fast as none of the soil broke off and fell into my hands right away. HSO clone is looking VERY healthy and have a good feeling about successfully cloning her even though she was accidently broken off to LST. lol

FoxFarmOceanForest, 40-45% perlite, BPN Root Magic. Mist spray 4 different layers of soil thoroughly to make sure there's enough moisture. I will be drilling holes into the bucket to make sure they get a better oxygen air flow.

When my check comes in from CA lottery, I will be purchasing a good quality PH tester, and possibly the entire equipment for co2 with meters, timers, controllers. Until then, my 2 liter co2 generator will work perfectly fine and will run two of them into the tent. I believe the tent will be set up in the end of january or Febuary when it is ready to flower. I have been gathering supplies for the next grow and which will be the Cali Connection Tahoe OG Regular seeds. Hoping to get a 6-4 ratio on Females - Male. Will clone and veg them to keep genetics. A secondary tent has been bought as well as it will be my clone/vegging tent. Also bought 10 pack of 3gal smart pot bags for the next grow. :thumb:
Can you take some closer pictures?
Kind of hard to tell from that photo..
Could be a mag def..
Is it possible you could be over watering a bit??
Looks like you got the start of some nice little bushes!!
Good job D!
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