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1st Journal From Phone, 4 WWA & 5 TWA, Thanks For Any Tips & Help Along The Way


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Is that your run off that high
To lower ppm just add plain water and as long as the pH of the plain water is higher it will not lower pH but will lower ppm

Now this not checking what we feed the kids has got to stop haha guess that's the hydro in me know what your in numbers are then by checking your out will tell you how much they're using
Lol yea, it's like letting the kids lick lead paint, that's before it goes into the spray bottle,


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I'll check the ph and ppm next Monday. Only feeding once a week, 1/4 strength.
I feel like I'm putting them in bondage. Lol
I love telling my wife I got to go tie a few bitches down haha and she shakes her head like I'm some kind of pervert

This is why all the questions about ppm and ph


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Week 6

Pulled the runt earlier last week, the first and last picture is the 1 that's flowering and it's only 4 or 5 inches tall. Topped it last week and that's what it did. Good thing is I haven't over watered them or gave them too much nutrients. Untied them because the kid said let them grow.
Tune in next week. Any helpful hints are welcome.

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