1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP - PG - MB - HB


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This is my first medical marijuana grow and first grow journal. I received the clones 8-8-2010. Any input or support is greatly appreciated!

Grow Setup:

4ft x 4ft x 7ft Grow Tent
600 Watt Air Cooled MH & HPS Digital Ballast
6 inch 340 CFM Exhaust Fan
6 inch 240 CFM Inline Fan
7 inch Personal Fan
6 inch 18 Month Carbon Filter
Exhaust Vented Outside House
Warm Mist Humidifier Outside of Inline Fan
DIY Yeast CO2 set up
Temperature & Relative Humidity Gauge
12 x 3 Gallon Spray Painted White Pots


Scott's Supersoil, worm casting, & perlite mix


Superthrive, Eleanor's VF-11, Molasses


3 x Original Blueberry
2 x Hog's Breath
2 x Magic Bud
2 x Purple Gas
2 x Lemon OG
2 x Aphrodite (one died as of 8-18-2010)

Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

I had a few issues with wilting after transplant. I think it was shock and humidity wasn't high enough. They seem to be doing much better. Also, I have them on a 24/0 light cycle.

Here is a comparison from the clones after transplant, 1st week, and 2nd week.



Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

Temperature stays between 75-80 F with 40-50% Relative Humidity. The small cool mist humidifier shown in the picture above has been removed. The warm mist humidifier placed outside the intake fan was producing more than enough humidity.

I forgot to add that I am watering ~ every 5 days. I didn't realize the worm castings would be so dense when wet...so it turns out that I don't need to water as often (yet).

I am using "Great Value Spring Water" from Wal-mart. It has a ~ 6.8 ph read which I think is fine for soil. The water is sourced from protected areas at Palomar Mountain in Southern California. My parents own property there so I have first hand knowledge that the water there is superior.

I mix 1 ml of Superthive and 7 1/2 ml of Eleanor's VF-11 into a 1 gallon container. I water each plant about 1/2 gallon. I don't want to add too much VF-11 because the soil does have its own NPK as well as the worm castings. I will be increasing the VF-11 once I decide to flower as well as adding molasses to the mix. I also foiliar spray ~3 days with 7 1/2 ml VF-11 mixed in 32 oz sprayer.

On a side note, you can receive a 8 oz sample of Eleanor's VF-11 if you spend $3 to cover shipping. The 8 oz sample will make more than 8 gallons of fertilizer. Free Eleanor's VF-11 Samples
Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

The smaller clones are starting to catch up to the other clones. All of the clones have started to pre-flower. I am still debating if I should flower them at 3 weeks vegetation or 4 weeks vegetation. I did want to take two clones from each strain before I flowered them, but I think it is too early at this point. I increased the Eleanor's VF-11 to 2 tbsp per gallon of water due to the pre-flowering.

Here are a few updated pictures that I took today after watering. You can compare the growth from the new pictures below to the last picture above. I think for 4 days of growth they are looking great. :cheer:




Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

Thank you both for checking out my grow log :grinjoint:

I also have fruit trees (apples, cherries, lemons, lime, apricots, and figs). I will be trying out the VF-11 soon on them as well. Many famers use VF-11 for their fruit trees to sweeten their fruit and increase production.

Saw a bug in the tent today. I'm not sure if it is a fungus gnat. It wasn't really flying more fumbling around. It wasn't a flea. I will be making some sticky traps today to find out. I may also add sand to the pots, but I have to wait for the soil to dry out more since I just watered yesterday. I don't want any mold or algae.
Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

:thanks: I hope you guys stick around to see the end product :blunt:

The clones have been vegetating now for 3 weeks. I added yellow sticky cards, but so far no bugs. I will be taking clones sometime this week. I will start to flower 9-5-10. The smallest clone (blueberry) is probably going outside to free up some more space in the tent.

Here is a picture I took today:

Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

I am in the process of building a cloning station. Pictures will be posted soon!
Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

Here are the pictures of my DIY Clone Station. I am almost done with the setup. I just need to add a reflective material around the metal framing. I remembered I had a portable closet in the garage and borrowed the metal frame for this project. I plan to put the tote on one side and clones more rooted on the other side. I also added window insulation to the edges of the tote as a precaution to leaks, but ran it for 24 hours with no issues. I plan on taking clones tonight.

Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB


I used a PVC primer & cement that you can buy at any home improvement store to join the PVC pieces together. Keep in mind, the cement dries quickly, less than 30 seconds and the peice is stuck in place. Make sure you put the pieces on a flat surface otherwise the assembly will be crooked. I had one peice that wasn't at a 90 degree angle and it threw the entire assembly. Ugh! I compensated for it with a pvc pipe underneath the sagging portion and it worked out fine, but I as lucky. Also, the purple primer stains everything so not an indoor project.

On a side note, I have the reflectix on majority of my metal framing. I just need to cut the clones and put them in there. I will post pictures once completed.

Does anyone know if I can flower the plants in my tent on Monday (without causing additional stress) because I am taking clones from it today?
Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

We used to own a landscape business. The cement I use is non-toxic once it cures. It is used for drinking water so it can't be harmful. Make sure you check the labels. Even the aquarium sealant is toxic if you don't let it cure before exposing it to water. I also recommend running the pump and sprayers a few times with clean water before adding the clones.

The aquarium sealant may not hold up to the pressure depending on the size of the water pump you buy. I'm using a 300 gallon water pump from Home Depot with 13 sprayers. I used some aquarium sealant on 3/4 inch tube (adapter from the pvc to the pump) and the sealant didn't hold. I even let it cure for more than 24 hours before trying it. I compensated for the leak by increasing the water level since the pressure of the water at the bottom of the tote keeps the tube from leaking. I can tell its not leaking because no bubbles come to the surface and my sprayers don't clog. However, if the PVC where the sprayer meets leaked, I wouldn't be able to compensate it with the water level because the sprayers would clog. Let me know if you need any help with your build. :)

I can't wait another 2 weeks for vegatation due to size limits of the tent. Hmm...does any one else have an opinion regarding flowering a plant two days after removing clones?
Re: AW's 1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP- PG - MB - HB

I'm also having issues with smell already. It doesn't seem like the carbon filter is working correctly. The smell inside my home or my tent is very minor, but the smell outside the exhaust vent is getting too strong. I haven't even flowered yet.

I do have negative pressure in my tent because the sides pull in when its zipped up. I do open the tent frequently through out the day, could this be causing the smell? My RH has been under 40% so I dont think that is the cause.

As a last resort I will use Ona Gel, bucket, and a fan in the tent. BUT it frustrates me to no end that the filter is not working properly. This is where I bought the 6 inch Carbon Filter and its only been running for 4 weeks.

Any :helpsmilie: is greatly appreciated!
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:thanks: scaredeecat

I moved the small original blueberry clone into the new Vegging & Cloning Area. I plan on using that as a mother once it gets bigger. I think I will wait one more week to flower, but still debating. LOL They are now a little more than 2 feet tall including the pot.

After Removing Cuttings For Clones:

Clones After Being Cut:

Clones 12 Hours Later (seem to be hanging in there):
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Nice job on the clones. Lookin good. As far as flowering, I thnk u should b ok to flower when u want. Plants recover rather quickly during vegg. And alot of peeps I know will take clones shortly after flip to 12/12 and determining with no negative results to clones or mother plant. But just what I've seen. Haven't done it myself. Peace
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