2015 Indoor MG Soil LED Grow


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The Grower: Well, lets see as an introduction, Ive been assisting major growers since 2006. In 2014 I decided to get myself some Top Shelf Strains, a few LED Lights and see what I could do on my own. All of my experience has come from EXTREMELY small scale Guerrilla Grows with very little input from myself as to the course of the grow.

The Room: The grow was started in a living room of an apartment with 65Watt LED spotlights. Later it progressed to a metal shelving unit with 2 200Watt LED fixtures by KUSH. The Grow was then moved to an attic still powered by the KUSH LED units. About 2 months in a 5 by 10 room was constructed using Emergency Mylar sheets, now powered by the Mars-Hydro 192x3. Last week a separate 3x5 Flowering room, powered by the Mars-Hydro GROWSUN and the two aforementioned KUSH LEDs, was created for those plants in late cycle.

The Genetics: Green Poison, Green Crack, Critical Kush

The Nutes: MG Organic Plant Food, Super Thrive, Unknown Brand of GROW, Unknown Brand of BLOOM, MG Foam Grow MG Foam Bloom

The Process: Everything started horribly from not having a timer to completely forgetting I had Seedlings to the Plants not getting any attention for 2 weeks. I literally had to move the plants in the middle of the winter from one house to another without heat for two days. Equipped with only prior knowledge and YOUTUBE I managed to get everything properly timed out and consistent about a month and a half into the grow. My watering schedule is still nonexistent and my nutrient implementation leaves much to be desired... However, I am now in weeks 5 and 3 of flowering and somehow my ladies have held on to dear life and are now poised for what seems to be an epic late season championship run!!!

I am looking for any advice, tips, criticism, tom foolery, shenanigans, trolling and all around comedic jeering you all have to offer. I know there are a great deal of Master Growers out there and I look to join your ranks one day!

Well I'm sure you'll like to see some images
The First Few Weeks




Well those weeks looked bleak until the introduction of a more controlled room

Growth in Attic




As soon as the climate and lighting schedule became regulated GROWTH became evident

Growth inside Grow Room Powered by Mars-Hydro





Thanks to Quality Lights the plants seem to be getting stronger

Initial Weeks of Flowering
[individual plants removed nightly from main room to induce 12/12 photoperiod]





Well considering their troubled childhood the plants that made it to "College" are Deans List Material

The Plants as of the week of 31 May 2015
[Flowering room powered by Mars-Hydro Grow Sun]




So ummmmmm.... your thoughts??? Good Bad In Between???

Bud Porn, I mean Bud Shots




Well there is going to be another six weeks until harvest I'll keep you all updated!!!
El Fin...
I'll be taking at least two Kolas tonight in an attempt to incourage a more even distribution of nutrients to the remaining Kolas. I be doing wet and dry weight for the Kolas to also give me a figure for the ultimate weight of this plant. I don't think I've said anywhere else in this post but my goal for this grow is at least one pound. Every grow after this however, I'm gunning for one complete pound per plant.
Hope all is well in your world.

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