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Lester Freeman

Product Reviewer

Outdoor winter flowers - Jack Herer x NYCD x Chemdawg91

KC-45 (Brazilian sativa x Russian Ruderalis) from 2 years ago

Some more Jack Dawg from the Spring blooms last year

Sour Apple

unknown sativa

Hong Kong OG


Teddy Edwards

420 Staff
Mr Teddy is back.

Nestling in green nowhere, beneath the pergola, between the Wisteria, Confederate Jasmine and climbing rose.

Twenty not so little darlings, including Skunk, OG Kush, Critical Mass and Kalashnikov.

With all credit to our friends and sponsors at Dope Seeds. Top quality service, seeds and prices. Very highly recommended. (This is a T.I.P. - a Teddy Independent Production and not a sponsored grow).

And some old LA Confidential seeds from the West Coast, in the vegetable plot. Those tomatoes are working well as camouflage then.

May your God go with you. :love:
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