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420's Mr.All Green's NL hydro,soil combo

mr.all green

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first off let me say welcome to my experiment. now thats out the way .let me explain whats going on. were to start plain and simple i have a combo grow going hydro and soil it basically a dwc with soil as median.oh yea the details im growing in a old dresser with a 100w mh light an old air hockey table fan for exaust and ff growbig for nutes with a little supertrive added. my little baby is about two months old i'll get a pick up shortly. any questions and help much appreciated

mr.all green

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and here's pic 1

mr.all green

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oh and before u ask I don't have a ph test kit or nothing like that open for suggestions on that something cheap but good


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I use General Hydroponics drops to test my water, it comes with a test tube. Place water from your bucket into the test tube add in 3-5 drops and shake the color scale should tell you what your PH is. I picked mine up at the local hydro store for less than $10.
You can get pH test kits at hardware stores, there is a paper version too (drops on the paper, colour of paper, ya know)

I finally invested in a pH meter cuz I hatd hated hated using the paper/tube+water to pH took me too long heh

Scott Wheelman

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mr.all green

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hey not done yet.still got some time left til harvest.as of now i am seven weeks in 12/12.got scared so i decided to go straight soil. not ready for hydro yet so here's a few pic's. tell me what you think as u see in some of the pic's having a little issue with heigh
just a few random pic's same plant different angles
https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/imagejpeg_8_1_.jpg. any input or questions drop me a line. bye the way this is a definitely a poor man grow
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