I just harvested the two 'fast-flowering' ladies from this first batch of Afghani X Gelato. I backcrossed the short bushy one with the Afghani parent, so I'll be trying out those B1 seeds in the near future. Just in time, our cupboard is bare and we just bought our first ounce in over five years. Yielded about an ounce each, shorty a little more, other a little less. I can't wait to see how this strain turns out.


Beautiful frosty buds Panta! Have you fired some up?

Tried one from the earlier harvested plants just now. The bud smells earthy, just a bit sweet. Taste is also earthy and very smooth. It should be really nice with a longer cure. It's pretty mellow (it's 75% indica), but not a sedative like the straight Afghani. More tranquil. My wife just walked in from smoking a joint while I am writing this (I just do little hits from my pipe, edibles are more my thing) and she says the same. The smoke has almost no taste at all. And it's strong enough for her, so it is definitely strong enough.
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