Fruity Pebbles & Afghani Kush

Mike Wright

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Three Fruity Pebbles (fem) and 5 Afghani-Kush (regular). I crossed Pure Kush with landrace Afghani. It is totally soporifc.
Growing in Foxfarms Happy Frog mixed with Ocean Forest in 2.5 gallon pots, using Advanced Nutrients Grow-Micro-Bloom, under two BavaGreen 120W and a SpiderFarmer 1000, also 120W, all dialed back to 95W. J

Just moved them into the tent yesterday, they are about a month old. Tomorrow I will up-pot them a bit, and I'll try to get the males to flower in those pots by dropping the lights to 14 hours in a few weeks. Generally, I can get the males to show in the smaller pots, and then I do my final up-potting for the females.

Drop your light to 12 hrs,, it will kick the hormones and show faster,
At 14 I find the males will flower but the females won't. I'll document it this grow. I did it the second last grow and collected some pollen. Just harvested some nice hybrid seeds, Afghani x Harlequin, Afghani x Gelato, and Harelquin x Gelato.
All plants will show preflowers at four or five weeks,, and as you possibly suggested, the males seem to show just a touch earlier. Sometimes

Karma sent friend,, nice plants indeed

I always sex my photos in solo cups,, makes sence to me
Not posting anything because most of these ladies got cooked by $@#! FoxFarm soil. I diluted it 50% with ordinary organic soil. Not enough apparently. Of 6 plants 2 are limping along, 3 might finish, one is a goner.

I have 8 Afghani-Kush seedlings going. Next grow will have to be a big one because I'll be lucky to pull an oz from this one. :(
Just to close of this journal, from 6 plants I got about 1.5 oz. The Foxfarm soils seem to cause huge PH problems. In my next grow, which I'm about to post, I'm still using a bit of the Foxfarm, just to see (about 20%). One plant out of 7 died back just like these.
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