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Anyone grow with Ethos Seeds?


I'll try to find the article again......it did a fair job describing all the differences. Not sure what you stated above is correct regarding the R1.


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Reversing males has been done forever..
Not surprised these hermies are showing with all the clone only getting sexchanges and breeding with each other, lol
Not selfing by making fems.. Only when seeds coming from same plant (weather it be the clone or plant allowed to pollinate itself)


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In the day Danny dankos favorite strain was sensi star, I KNOW why and how, and wow. Now he is recommending ethos seeds if the statement is true he wasn’t lying on the sensi star so I drove to the indo expo 2019 Portland and picked up some beans got everything on this side of the pond, only one company advertises +30% thc thc-v thc 8 9 and whopping 3% cbg all the things that make sensi star healing. Ocean grown offered cbg and over 25% thc they have limited release of swashbuckler with thc-v be careful most are hemp some even have California prop 65 warning



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Didn't find much info on them so I decided to give them a try and start a full grow journal on it. Ended up grabbing citral glue r1. Stay tuned for the journal.
Hey man love the pics. How did the grow go ? I was considering buying this exact strain

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I'm looking for a place to buy their seeds :)

I have seen a few growlogs and reviews with Ethos seeds, and $100 for 6 fems is quite reasonable.
Have you found a spot?

Go to their website. Have a list of banks that sell. I'm in Canada and know a few spots online and in store.

They have some packs 10 fens for $130. Banana Hammock if I'm not mistaken.

I'm grabbed a 6 pack of there Ethos Cookies R2 for my next run


Nope.....just a grower. But i’ve Posted more grows of their stuff over the last 2 years on RIU and THCFarmer than anyone else. It’s kind of hit or miss with them though, some is very good, some is very bad. And numerous strains hermie too si it’s all a crapshoot.
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