Bag seed-cfl-first grow

Yeah, good point but how much less will it cost you to just get a 400 right off the bat. Better yield and you wont have to sell your lesser light to buy a new one. I know what you mean though if you want to get it down before you go getting the big stuff. Ive grown seeds under a 1000W MH for the last 3 weeks and have got not a 1/2 inch of growth. All because of the soil but its gonna suck paying that electric bill. Do what you do bro and good luck!!
got some more pics:










Sounds like you have spider mites or another nasty predator. You might want to spray them soon with pesticides before they ruin your crop. Use something with pyrithins and neem oil. Same type of stuff they use for fruit trees or vegtible plants.
well i didnt do it quite right so now its become an lightstresstraining
i re ajusted my box to work with the lst
i did notice that it is kinda banded
its geyts lighter when it gets to the edge
is this from a defficiancy or a pest or a lack/too much, watering

This is what I used for the last 2 spidermite problems I have had. It seems effective.Got it at Lowes.
The banding, I am not sure. I am a little baked myself. A pic would help or maybe another member.
If its mostly on the older leaves, I would not worry too much about it. If its more evenly dispersed, its normally a dificiency like magnesium. If its just a bunch of dead spots on the leaves its usually mites or some other form of pests.
alright ill get some pics tonight
how much is that stuff
ill take a pic of every problem i know of and then some more pics of just everything else
Looks like it could be spider mites...Are there little red dots on the bottoms of the leaves and can you see little white spots on the tops. The red dots are mites and the white dots are eggs. Check the undersides of the leaves, the mites should be sucking from the veins of the leaves. Check and you will know for sure.
it looks as though every bad thing that could happen is i think im gonna chop it and get some better starting materials before i go at it again
Have you given her any nutes yet? what kind of soil are you using?? It looks to me like the ph is off and thats why the leaves are looking like that.. remember man everytime is a new learning experience.. think about it this way.. it's science and you have trial and error you know.. :allgood:
alright i need to transplat it also what can i give to get it more basic
i was giving it mircle grow guess it is shit wont ever use it again
i might try to save it
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