Bag seed-cfl-first grow


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-8/10 12:00 am-alright i planted the germinated seed
-8/10 2:30 pm-sprouted
-8/12 6:25 pm-first set of true leaves fully opened and new leaves showing
-8/15 2:00 am-added urine because this was second hand soil and lacked nitrogen
-8/15 3:20 am-plants look much healthier
-8/15 11:25 pm-plants responded really well to the urine atleast 2 cm growth from last check, has second set of leaves first set getting bigger
-8/22 2:52 am-been watering with a micro concentrate miracle grow/water solution, lots of new leaves,cotyledons dying off
-8/25 11:30 pm-stem thickening and shedding, cotyledons and first set of leaves dying off, 6 full leaves, new ones coming, daily visible growth
-8/30 11:15 pm-8 full leaves, 9 and 10 showing,main stem between each set of leaves about 2.5cm long, stem below first set of leaves thickening and !shedding original skin

alright thats where i am at right now it looks healthy and is growing well
at the moment im thinking its more indica based off the leaves but its still kinda early to tell
ill post pictures in a day or 2

-soil-recycled soil from tomato plant pot all i had but when i transplant im getting better soil
-lights-2 cfl@23watts, not sure the temp gonna pick up more when I get some money
-seed-bag seed

1. Is this a good growth speed?
2. Did the urine really help or was it coincidental?
3. Is using very low concentrate miracle grow every time i water a good idea, its not enough to turn the water blue because its very diluted?
4. Any suggestions?
5. Any questions?
6. What can use to power a small computer fan?

alright well i think thats about it for this post im gonna keep this updated regularly
Glad your would really help, they always do. Dont water with nutes every watering, it will burn your plants. Seedlings dont need many nutes or it will stunt them. Sounds like its growing well. How many nodes does your plant have?
You might want to try to give it more light too. 2 23W CFL's probably wont do good for too long.
1. Is this a good growth speed?
Seems to be fine as per your description.
2. Did the urine really help or was it coincidental?
I am not a big urine fan, sorry.
3. Is using very low concentrate miracle grow every time i water a good idea, its not enough to turn the water blue because its very diluted?
1/4 to half strengh of whats recommended for tomatoes is what a lot of mj growers use, Berry is right, best to apply nutes every other watering until you have a very good feel about growin weed.
4. Any suggestions?
Lighting will be a issue in the near future.
5. Any questions?
Too buzzed to think of any. sorry
6. What can use to power a small computer fan?
A computer? Sorry I can't help in this category, I never used a comp fan for growing.
Ok. I'm a man working in very similar, low-budget situations as you and many others are. Wellmart has many a cheap desk fan that can be less than 6 dollars and be very effective for a light breeze and air circulation with CFLs, due to their low heat. As for bulbs, I would suggest a 42 watt soft white CFL. You can get it from your local Homo-depot along with one other VERY neccesary thing: a hood. You can find light sockets with clamps and small, angleable hoods in many areas of local hardware stores. They are used for many a maintenance purpose. With the CFLs(priced at $9.97, before tax, at your local home improvement store), they send light in ALL directions. Its not a flood light that will aim directly at your plants. Use reflective material for the walls of your grow area(white drywall seems to work GREAT for me, but mylar is the right way to go) as well as an angled hood with a reflective surface. The CFLs dont give off alot of light. Yet, when angled properly over the entire plant, with 4 42 watt soft white CFLs, you can maintain a great noob(newbie) grow area. I started with CFLs and im still going with it. The more the better, as long as you can keep the temp below 75(f). Flowering with CFLs is tough, however...
thanx for all the input

right now it has signs of branching beginning i took some pictures just gotta resize then wait for aproval

@greenhand- thanx for all your tips on cfl's
i am gonna start buying some upgrades once i get paid
and i also found a 50watt hps light online at home depot for 35 would this be a good option or should i save up and get a bigger one
ill get pics of my curent grow box today but i still need to white it on the inside

another question when should i transplant it to a bigger pot right now its in a small cup because i wanted dense root growth before letting it stretch em out a lot in a big pot how can you tell when the roots are too big for the pot
alright finally got some pictures
these are from yesterday they are 21 days old in this pic
and for what im using i think they look rather good

@berrydizzle- by how many nodes do you mean how many stems from the main stalk if so then 8

right now im working on a ventilation system because right now the box has only the vent holes on one of my light fixtures for air to escape
anyways heres the pics






they have grown some more since these pics ill post some more every 3 days or so

alright thanx for all the support
alright thanx i didnt think i should yet
what size pot should i use when i transplant
im not looking to get this plant to vertical, more horizontal because of limited growth space i have a pot i think might work im pretty sure its 2 gal

and also im using 24/7 light do you think it would be better to switch to 18/6 light

i just added an exhaust outlet on it and am going to added an inlet tomorrow
then i just need to get a fan

i cant believe how well the plants are doing considering all the limitations they
i realized while i was installing the duct that i only had one of my lights on...cant believe i did that...but its prolly been off ince i made the new grow box which was about 5 days ago so hopefully it will do even better now

I have surpassed what i expected
this was more a less to test to see how well i could grow with what i have but now that i see that its working good im gonna start actually trying to make this a decent yield just gotta cross my fingers and hope it doesnt turn out male,lol

a question, how can i find out what sex it is i know it will show sex eventually
but is there a way to tell earlier
i know ive heard of switching to 12/12 then switching back after the first signs of sex but ive also heard that it can stunt the plant or cause hermies

again thanx for the input
Personally, I wouldn't worry about sex at this point and time. You will see it when it flowers in a 12/12 situation. Take this as a learning experience and whatever bud you get will be a bonus. Define your personal technique and learn.
But from what i've absorbed, a constant, continual, regimented schedule of light and watering helps to not stress and cause male or even hermie plants. Good air circulation and a light wind on the plants will help make the stems stronger.
Misting your plants with fresh, oxygenated water helps also. Trimming leaves that are not being used to absorb light. Using nutrients once the plants mature. They all help. Your MODs know more than I do at the moment. Im working towards that knowledge! I'll always be glad to share my experiments experience!
yea i was gonna keep growing even if it was a male because i plan to make some blender hash with the leaves of the female so if its a male ill do the same and maybe collect some pollen just in case i want to breed cause this seems like a good plant so far and it smoked good too it was leafy a bit but i think that was just growing problems

about the nutes , ive been watering it with really low concentrations of miracle grow i mix a some regular concentrate in a dixie cup then pour it into another till its at about a 1/4 of an inch water level then fill it the rest of the way with water then just use that to water it about every 2 days or so and it seems to help

also i just added the inlet duct on the grow box and i think im gonna make a temporary rubber band fan of somekind

Grow Update:
leafs 9 and 10 now have all lobes but havent started stemming out yet and 11 and 12 are now showing
small update:
leaves 11 & 12 have all lobes and 13 & 14 are showing
4.5" tall
its short and pretty bushy, just what i wanted i think it helps that the light arent directly above
im plan to hopefully get a 50 watt hps next week because frankly i think that that would be all the wattage i need and its only $35 at home depot
ill take some pictures of the plants and grow box tonight
im taking pics now so once they processill get em up
the plants are doing really good as of now
ive starting to give them plain water so they can just use whats left in the soil since the miracle grow is a time release type fertilizer
ill most likely be able to get that 50watt hps i have mentioned by the first week of october
ive definately learned alot with this grow and all the reading i did before i started
its almost branching, definately by the weekend

thanx again for the computer fan help i may just get a little small clip fan or something
i just calculated the lumens im getting and right now with 2 13 watt cfls im getting only 900 lumens when i get my 50watt hps it will total 4900
i cant wait to see how it does once it get that much more
yeah i dont expect crazy yeild im just trying to see if i can finish the grow process before im starting working with more expesive stuff
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