Bubba Kush - Pre '98 & Katsu Cut S1 w/ Tora Bora & Master Kush - Mineralized Soil

Too bad there ain't much of it, b.real.
I'm thinking colloidal silver on the taller Pre '98 Bubba Kush (I'll use one of the 2 clones I took) and dusting the reveg Katsu cut with the pollen. I want to be able to backcross, and I'd rather do it with the Katsu even though it doesn't seem to clone easily.
Dr. Greenthumb - Bubba Kush S1 (Katsu cut):


A few of the lowers:


Two weeks from today and it's ooh ooh ooh.....


The two Nirvana Seeds Master Kush plants put out their last new hairs a few days ago; they're about kaput. In about a week they'll be getting the chop; I'll water once more maybe. Once I trim them up they'll look better, but most of the leaves have yellowed and a few have fallen off. Friggin' plant smells good though; I expected a smell like somebody hit a skunk with a rotten onion considering the lineage. :) No complaints here.
The nugs on the taller, later topped Katsu are swelling up some (enough to notice). Even the nugs on the shorter Katsu are swelling up some. I've noticed with similar looking strains that this seems to happen in the last week of flower, so my timing is accurate. All 4 of the Bubbas will be getting the chop 1 week after the MKs.
I've ordered the .9999 silver it takes to make colloidal silver, but I'll have to look up how to make the homemade battery generator. I'm going ahead with my plan to treat a clone of the one Pre '98 pheno I like and pollinate a clone of the Katsu with it. I think I'm going to try to breed this hybrid out and pray for a male to show up in the mix.

:peace: and Happy New Years to everyone!
I checked out a couple of articles on the subject, and it's a lot easier than I thought to make one. As a matter of fact to test a theory of mine (without looking up the details on how to make a homemade one), I might do a side experiment and hang a piece of porous bare metal from the - rods clip and a piece of .9999 silver from the + one. This seems to work on the same principles as an electroplating machine to me..... :)
This Pre '98 clone is throwing foxtails; soon weedhopper, soon..... :Namaste:


Here's one of the Katsu cut:


When I look at the lowers I don't see a lot of difference in the two. Here's 2 Pre '98 Bubba Kush lower bud pics, then a Katsu cut Bubba Kush lower bud pic:


That's some frosty goodness you got there monkey boy, don't smoke it all in one day (the neighbors hate it when you throw poop at them).

I'm gonna roll up a bodacious blunt of it and blow the smoke their way, hoping I fool them into thinking the thrown product is hashish :)
I'm gonna roll up a bodacious blunt of it and blow the smoke their way, hoping I fool them into thinking the thrown product is hashish :)

As much pot as YOU smoke, maybe you better hang on to that poop and smoke it yourself the THC content is probably at least 17%..... :(
I'll be closing this journal in a week or so. Here's a pic of what's left in the unit with a Tangerine Dream next to it on the right side:


Here's some assorted nug pics; man some of these despite my pathetic attempt at a grow really look beautiful. Thank you Dr. Greenthumb and Verdant Green:


The Nirvana Seeds Master Kush grow again, despite my pathetic attempt at a grow looks like okay smoke (I really bombed out healthwise with these). Here's one of them; the other looks the same just thicker:


Hey hey hey PotChimp say
It'll burn..... :tokin:
I'm gonna guess-timate the 2 Nirvana Seeds Master Kush plants I harvested and manicured @ 2-1/2 oz. dry. It looks like it all will fill 2 quart jars plus most of a third, and from experience I know this type of bud doesn't shrink much and weighs out 1-1/4 oz. slightly packed in the jar.
Every time I do a wet weight count I get disappointed with the end dry weight, and if I wait 'til it's dry well it's half smoked by then so I don't know how much it used to weigh. :)
I've never smoked anything in all the years I've been doing this that's cured over a month, but damn it I stay high! :thumb:
Note: Because of a problem with cold temps in another unit of mine, I had to take both later topped Bubbas and put them into the dark period. I put both my Chocolopes in here today to clear their unit because of this too. The Pre '98 clone and 4 headed Katsu cut Bubbas are the only ones left under 12/12. The 2 I took out haven't changed in appearance for over a week now. I'll be taking a few pics of the Master Kush buds as soon as they're a bit drier, and I'll post a few comments on it then. The smell is mostly earthy with little Skunk to it; I think they're Hindu Kush dominant.

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