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Through the years of doing this I find myself needing to squeeze odd plant pics into my other grow journals to keep track of them. I decided to start a thread to accommodate these pics. Here are my first ones. This is a Grand Daddy Purple clone growing in Icemud's mineralized soil (1 gallon pot):


Here's a clone off the same plant growing in a 3 gallon DWS bucket (I'm using up some General Hydroponics stuff I got in a starter kit to get my first experience in hydro):


I'm keeping the pH @ 5.5 and the PPM @ 1100. I have a bigger clone of the same plant in flower and I'll get a pic of it up soon. Here's a Soma Seeds Free Tibet clone in flower:


A BC Bud Depot GSC clone:


And a few cuttings from an Old Timers Haze plant I bombed out on:


I'm going to put the OTH cuttings under 12/12 in a day or two. And I'll get up some more pics too.

Sweet! Really nice crisp images.
Note: I switched the 3 gallon DWC bucket with 2 gallons of the mixture for GH's Bloom formula w/AN Mother Earth as an additive then adjusted to 5.8 pH (I'll adjust it more later and check the PPM after it bubbles a bit; I like it at about 5.4 - 5.6). Man I'm going to arrange the changeover better next time. I think I'll let tap water set in my 5 gallon bucket for a day or two, then use it to set the plant in while I change the nutes out. I did it quick, but I don't like leaving the roots out of water like that. An extra 3 gallon bucket is on the list so I can just move from one DWC bucket to the other. I should have warmed the water too; the tops of the plant wilted a bit. I'll keep my eye on them until the aquarium heater gets the water up to 70 degrees F.
Post pics soon.....

I just want to pinch that one middle right but I would never do that to your girl... funny story, well not so funny, as you know I like to take pics and have favorite buds that make good models. I also have a thing about my plants... no touching. Well I invited a new patient to see how I am doing it. I did not lay down any rules as I could not have imagined what was going happen. I rolled back the "wall" and while I was tying it up he exclaimed "OMG these are beautiful" and reached out and squeezed the shit out of the top cola and by the time I looked he had pulled it over smelling it and squeezing as he did so. He then announced "shit my fingers are all sticky"... wtf... I kept my voice calm but I am sure my eyes gave it away :cheesygrinsmiley:

I used to feel bad enough when I inspected through my magnifier and wondered where all the trich heads went on some of the tops, only to look at the clear plastic cover on the magnifier and find honey oil..... :(
While we're on the subject of sad stories, I rolled me up a blunt the size of a railroad tie last night (I know; I can see the tears welling in your eyes already). It was half Ice and half Blue Cheese so I got a really good buzz and decided that being the temperature is freezing outside it'd be a good time for a late night popsicle :) After my first bite I was watching something that obviously had me on the edge of my seat because I woke up @ 3:00 in the morning with a sore neck and no popsicle. I was in a daze and felt quite plastic as the infomercial was explaining to me why I wasn't spiritually whole in life so when I got up to get the remote I slipped on the melted popsicle at the same moment I was wondering where it went and fell on the floor and the stick was stuck to my pants too but don't worry about me infomercial dude I am the chimp who looks after the plants; usually I get along okay :tokin:
:rofl:... I know I shouldn't laugh
Don't worry I laughed enough later for the both of us. :)
Here's how I usually reveg a plant to get a clone (I need to change this method and just take a clone of everything prior to flowering it out). In the back is an Ice clone that was flowered out and cut down to a few leaves I intentionally leave at the bottom of the plant. In the front is a Chemdawg D BX 3 clone I took in flowering and flowered out with the mother in the same pot, cut out of the mother's pot at harvest, and put back into reveg (another method I have to change; it's hard on the lil' cutting):


Sometimes the new growth happens on a branch, and I clone it when it gets big enough. And sometimes the new growth forms at the base, so I regrow the whole plant (like this other CDDBX3 clone/reveg):


The OTH cuttings (upper right) will be hitting the trash can as soon as they take, so I can see what happens as they come back and how long, plus will they stay in flower (curious is all). These CDDBX3 clones don't take well (upper left) so I have the one in the other pic to clone again from if this one doesn't take. the others are a Free Tibet (usually takes better; my fault this one didn't) and the wider leaf Katsu cut Bubba Kush clone (doesn't seem to like being cut on, that one):


I'll try to get pics of my second unit later.

I have killed every plant I tried to reveg, I even talked nice to one, no luck.
I fed this Free Tibet clone last night (AN Iguana Bloom w/AN organic and natural additives):


I'll take a pic of the Blue Cheese I put into the dark period when I chop it soon. I'm going to stop cloning it because it hermied. The last clone I'm smoking on now has a few spots where there are underdeveloped seeds, so out it goes. Too bad; I like the pot. I hope my Ice reveg takes, because it's not looking too good.
This DWC GDP passed the one in the mineralized soil up twice so far :)


Not a good pic, but here's a GDP about 2-3 weeks out.....


I'll be glad when this GSC is done and out of the lineup. It's mediocre at best.


Off I go to get some dope smoked and some work done.

On the left is a small jar with about a shot of Everclear (95% alcohol) and about 1-1/2 to 2 grams of Old Timers Haze kief in it (don't know if lot #s can be traced back to a buyer, and there was one on the top of the small jar, so I cropped part of the # out). On the right is a 1/2 qt. jar with 50% alcohol vodka in it. I put my Chem D mother plant remnants in there and removed them after 5 days, then squeezed the extract into this jar:


Because I'm not using the fridge (or freezer; can't remember which it is), I have been doing the shake twice a day thing for about 2 weeks now and still see the sediment on the bottom. Thirty days (without the fridge) is how long it takes, according to the yootoob vid I saw.
Here's the last of the Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese dope I'll be growing:


I'll just barely pull these holidays off with smoke..... :tokin:
I'll just barely pull these holidays off with smoke.....

I prepare all year just to make sure there is good things to smoke! :cheesygrinsmiley: Glad you will be all set!
By the hair of my a$$ I'm set :)
I got about 1/4 oz. of Ice, 1/8 oz. of Chemdawg D BX 3, 1/2 gram of hash, a little kief, these extracts, 1 oz.+ of Blue Cheese 3-4 days away from dry, and a GDP and GSC clone chopping in a few weeks (maybe 1 oz.+). This Free Tibet may chop before X-mas and save me, but it's looking pretty tight..... :(
By the hair of my a$$ I'm set :)
I got about 1/4 oz. of Ice, 1/8 oz. of Chemdawg D BX 3, 1/2 gram of hash, a little kief, these extracts, 1 oz.+ of Blue Cheese 3-4 days away from dry, and a GDP and GSC clone chopping in a few weeks (maybe 1 oz.+). This Free Tibet may chop before X-mas and save me, but it's looking pretty tight..... :(

Dang you are out... if you lived around the corner you would be all set!
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