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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


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the ladies just shared another gallon of water, still with no runoff. Thirsty girls. just got another gallon ready for their late watering and will prep bloom nutes for tomorrow's feeding. i will have 2 gallons ready for them. i'm gonna push the pp's a little bit and see if i can get them big. still waiting for the trichomes to amber on the autos but still no amber yet.


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Well I have a 4x4x68" tent.I have 2 450w viparspectra reflector leds
1 Aphrodite hydro farms 325w Cfl 48" 55 bulbs.
I have Fox farms ocean forest soil
Wanna grow supersoil. (Should I mix?)
I also have some test equipment coming, along with some seeds
That's all for now. Will be terminating when the seens arrive.
I won't go into specifics but I will have fans, a filter and co2 going as well.
Awe man stay away from co2 your first grow sometimes simplicity is better my friend , can’t wait to see what you do
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