CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18 - 400W LST

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Is the white spotted mold on the top layer of coco from overwatering and poor airflow? My humidity never exceeds 37%, I switched up the plants so that the fan is hitting all the plants. Not sure why the mold started developing but hopefully its stopped now.

I treated with a dose of hydro per. and moved around the girls so that they all are getting air hitting them.

Hopefully its just overwatering.. I cut back to every other day or even every 3 days.. well see

PPM in my Rez. is currently 900/ PH 5.8
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Heres an update, I gave them a pretty harsh feeding the other day on accident. I guess the ph down i added to the rez didnt read correctly. I watered them and after a day or so they began showing brown spots and the leaves were curling. So i checked my rex and it was at 3.4ph?? Dont know what happened but corrected problem yesterday and also flushed and transplanted. Theyre back at 5.8ph with 6.1 runoff, theyre already showing signs of healthy growth again.

Heres some shots..

Group shot

Also I wanted to ask about these, its a random seed I had. It looks like it might turn out male, its really lanky and the space between the nodes just dosent look right. tell me what your thoughts are on this..
here it is

heres the stretch inbetween the nodes.. just looks like a male to me..

Heres the OG's
Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Heres a picture of the ph problem i had..

Heres the Autoflowers

RoadRunner AF

Haze AF

Heres the Burmese Female looking extra short and bushy..

side shot of burmese

It really looks like the last harvest of burmese i had, check it out below..

and finally the clone c99
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Anybody have any ideas on the spotting on the leaves?? they still just dont look healthy. I watered again today with 5.8ph @ 605ppm. Hopefully theyre just making a turn around
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Wow man that was one of the longest posts iv seen lol, and you lost me about 3 sentences in lol but if you haven't already you might want to check out sweat leaf or bud candy from advanced nutrients. They claim it boosts yield while also improving aroma and taste. I used sweat leaf in my last AK-48 grow. I did a lot of research on that strain and found out it didn't have great taste. I don't have anything to compare it to but i did use sweat leaf and the taste was great, literally like candy. Also its organic. Well thats my 2 cents, hope it was helpful.
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Lol i missed the second page on that one. If your referring to the brown-ish-ness on one of the pics towards the top, one of my plants looked like that for no reason but it went away as it grew. And as far as the thread being dead they are pretty much all like that until something exciting happens. You can help that by getting active in a lot of other threads so your sig is out there. Anyway your plants look nice and bushy, and in the pic of your last grow thats a hell of a stalk! it looks like a small tree down there.
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Heres my Scrog net that i crafted up tonight. It still dosent have a stand but ill build that soon enough.

How long before I switch to flower should I introduce the scrog? I want a tight and even canopy with the nugs reaching only 5-6 inches above the netting.

Again my goal is close to 800 grms dry so I will need to veg for quiet some time but im not sure Whether to begin waeving now or maybe a week or two before flower so only the stretch will fill out the net.

Or should I wait until the night before i switch to flower them begin weaving as they stretch please help!! :)

Appreciate everyone who is sticking with this grow.

Net is 4 ft by 3 1/2 ft

Heres a side shot of what it will look like..
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Wow - I had tuned out for a while, but I'm reading what I've missed, and you're hoping for 800 grams, dry?

I'm looking through your pictures - 7 plants, right? Genders as of yet unknown? How high is your light? Are these plants going to grow into monsters?

Sorry - I'm just used to people discussing much lower expected yields. Now I'm intrigued.
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TMAC- The scrog is 4 feet by 3.5 feet a total of 14 SQ. FT. Im not sure on the weight, but as it will be on a stand it shouldnt influence the plants at all. all it does is allow me to keep an even canopy of colas so the light distributes evenly..

CFL- I figure with a 14 sq ft net and 6 female plants I should be able to get 2 lbs dry weight. (Doing the math I will need to have 2.5 oz's per sq ft. or equalling about 4.8 oz per plant dried..) and they will be monsters, just not tall monsters..scroll down..

Imagine 6 of these with just a couple more colas.. Thats what im going for, this plant yeilded 3.8 oz w/o Scrap and Trim.

I averaged 4.667 oz per plant @ 3 plants last grow with 1 400w light (or 1.2 grams per watt excluding popcorn nugs ect..) So I figure for flower ill introduce another 400w light and that should take care of the rest of the screen and also keep my gram per watt ratio correct.. As 1 hortilux super 400w can cover about 11 sq ft... two should be extremely sufficient.

If you really want to get technical..and i mean TECHNICAL... this is fun, I did this last night, Im estimating that each cola will weigh 3.5 grams. With that I will need 228 individual cola's to cover my 1.0 grm/watt ratio. Meaning each cola coming through the screen has to weigh 3.5 grms dried and I will need 228 colas. Generally the rule of thumb with a scrog is to have 1 cola per 2 sq inches, my screen has 2016 available holes at 1 sq inch, so i will realistically only need to fill 89% of my entire scrog to achieve the 2 lb goal.. SORRY if i lost you guys with that one.. But I need to be precise in my numbers, I want to know exactly what Im getting..
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I forgot to mention they are all female, I threw out the male looking plant today. I now have 7 females total.. 3 RP OG KUSH, 1 THS OG KUSH, 2 UFO Autos and a c99 Clone..

Also can anyone help with my problem of the outer fan leaves curling slightly inward? I recently had a PH problem so I figured it was Magnesium lock out, I treated with epsom emulsifier 1 tbsp/Gal FOLIAR, They seem to be better but I noticed the ends are still curling inward slightly... It isnt a problem yet but does this sound firmiliar to anyone??
(Scroll up to PLANT 3 for a picture of what I mean, I have it outlined above the pic as PH PROBLEM)
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This is fascinating! Haha. You're actually playing math and weed, which I like. Anyway, now I want to pick your brain. I have a bunch of questions that usually get answered by people who aren't terribly reliable... but maybe you can help educate me.

First, how do you get a plant that rich in colas? I've never seen one that dense and short. I know the basics on LST, but that's an unreal plant.

Secondly, I've got my seeds, and now I'm debating what route to go for my nutes. Some 'recommended packages' include 12+ different solutions, and cost several hundred. It feels like a money grab in a niche market. What have you used, and what seems to have the best $ to gram ratio?

Next, I'm a CFL grower... small spaces, low budget, etcetera - for now they make the most sense. If I want to do a SOG grow with, say, 6 or so plants... do you think I need the same kinda wattage as you're talking about with my CFL's? I use 23 watt CFL's... I could technically line the cabs I have with those bulbs... but that kinda feels overkill.

Finally, what kind of a schedule did you put your girls on to get those results? I've heard of people going straight from cloning to flower... others who do half veg'ing, half flowering... what have you found that works best for a dwarf that size?
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I am so glad I found this. I should have my RP OG18 within the week. Everything I have read about these girls makes my mouth water, including fat yields. You sir are proving my point with girls like that. Enjoyed the math and I do think it is possible. That would be such a great accomplishment, 2 lb goal w/ OG18 :cheer:

I want to LST into a SOG w/ 4 ladies in 3 gallon pots. I'm excited even thinking about it. Looking forward to this one! :goodluck: :blunt:

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CFL- This whole post it for you. Ok Ill try and answer all your questions here, im going to go in order haa... Please stick with me as this will be a long post, LST is easy but very techincal... experience is really the only way to learn but heres a few guidelines.

1) Basically LST, tieing the main branch down so that the other nodes are exposed to the light, I usually dont tie it down until the 5 or 6th set of nodes. Always make sure you have a counter-tie on the base of the stem, as you dont want to rip the roots out when bending the main over.
--Youll notice after 2 or 3 days the main branch begining towards the light again and also new growth down the main stem.
--Continue training the top node down, youll notice the lower nodes growing outward now. Youll begin to see after a week or two the lower branches evening out with the main top branch. This is the idea of SCROG, an EVEN canopy. Your basically taking all the power out of the main cola and distributing it to the lower ones, essentially turning every flower site into the "MAIN" branch.
--Now that your canopy is even, meaning each branch is set to the same height you can begin tying each branch down as you did with the main top.
--So just as you did with the main top in the beginning continue tying the tops of the new growth down so that there branches are exposed to the light. Try and keep it even as i said.. (It could take several weeks to reach this point)
--You may notice the main fan leaves dying, this is ok. As they only cover up new growth potential.
This method will allow you to have numerous bud sites but with only 12 or 15 main stems.
Ill leave you with this.. (I veg for atleast 4-8 weeks from seed maybe even longer.., What I PERSONALLY look for is a stem base about the size of my index finger and a LARGE root mass. I transplant roughly 3 times before flower, the more roots the more water intake.. More water more buds..)

2) Nutrient lines are def difficult to figure out. FoxFarm has a good choice of organic nutes for veg and flower. You really dont need to run 12 nutes with your type of grow, Im running 6 lines right now and its difficult to manage once you have a problem because your not sure whats causing it. I would recommend keeping it simple. General hydroponics, Fox Farm or Canna all make good lines for Veg-Flower, Just make sure they are nutes for SOIL!! And make SURE you adjust your PH after adding all your nutes, I range for around 5.8 with CoCo or Soil, Ph Meters and PPm Meters are your FRIENDS!!! I couldnt imagine trying to grow w/o them..
--Also a little tip, towards the last 5-6 weeks of flower introduce Unsulfered Molasses, you can purchase at publix for 5$.. Molasses will garunteed add girth and weight to your girls. Ive been pleased when using it, usually i go with 1-2 tsp/ gallon. Heat up a cup of water to mix it in with then pour it into the gallon. (Research molasses and growing you will be surprised!!)

3)As for your lighting I would say 3-5 CFL's per plant, they have a diagram for the lumens of a CFL bulb and the Sq Ft area the one can cover.. I would say a SOG/LST would be your best choice for CFL's, not a SCROG...
--I used 9 23watt CFL's on two plants my first grow and achieved a .45 gram per watt ratio with the CFL's, Meaning 9 bulbs got me 3.5 oz's with two plants... (Check out my SIG, youll see the journal)

4) As for the Sched. I said above I personally Veg for a LONGGGG time, I know that the longer you veg the more root mass is allowed to grow and the more bud sites are allowed to form..
--From seed I use 24/0 lighting until the 2nd node appears
--I then switch to a 19/5 lighting throughout Veg, I believe I vegged for upwards of 8 week under the 19/5 my last grow..
--As for flower its simple 12/12, sometimes seed packs will say 8-9 weeks flowring time, well thats if you veg for 3-4 weeks not 8-9.. My flower period lasted 13.5 weeks when my seed pack said it would only last 9.... Remember that during the last 5 weeks of flower is when the nugs gain the most weight, its hard to not pull them but trust me its worth letting them keep growing. Also buy a pocket microscope from radioshack or amazon.. Youll need this to make sure you dont let your plants die instead of getting just ripe..

Think of it this way, when you eat a banana that isnt ripe, its firm not soft, tastes sour and inst pleasent to eat.. VicaVersa..If you let a banana sit out to long it goes bad, mushy and decaying...
So you want to find that happy medium, where you nugs are grown to their full potential, weight and they are as medically potent as possible...

Hope this helps.. Im going to smoke a bowl now lol that was a hell of a sit down... I feel like i just wrote a deposition hahaha
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Yikess.. Last night i was going to re-tie the stalk down on my OG and the whole stem snapped in half... leaving a little bit to hold it together..

I duct taped and stinted with toothepicks.. she dosent seem to be dying, im foliar feeding and watering for now.. hopefully it wont hermie..
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Decided to say no to the scrog, i think ill be able to manage without. I just dont have the space for the table.
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We have used duct tape to save a plant, it worked great for us. It was an outdoor plant that got attacked by a chicken!
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Can anyone help me with this problem. Its only occuring on two of my plants, I flushed last night and did half strength nutes, 600ppm @ 6.0ph. Flushed with 200ppm 6.0ph. Hopefully they will come around, I checked the Plant Abuse Chart and couldnt really get an idea on hat may be causing this problem. Any input helps thanks


Curling leaves and spots, leaves feel dry to touch to

Heres my light, I dont think its heat stress...


Other than that they look great, My burmese kush fem is HUGEEEE
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