CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18 - 400W LST


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Hello all..

Its been a few months since my last sign in. Glad to be back, Im sure everyones insight will help with this next grow. Im new to CoCo so I will tell you all everything I've gathered thus far. Please voice in and tell me your opinions, ideas or criticism. Again thanks for the support 420!!

Here we go..

AttitudeSeeds provided me kindly with
--6 Female OG KUSH #18 R.P. seeds
--2 free autoflower seeds by UFO Gen. (Road-Runner and The Haze)

Im also running a Burmese kush female seed (currently under LST) and a few unkown bag seeds (Will be in the ground by next week.).

For now there are 6 main plants.
--3 Female OGKush, 1 RoadRunner Auto, 1 random bagseed, 1 Female Burmese Kush.

They all recieve the same reservoir water. Running with Coco spec. nutes and growth stimulators.

I have the OG and the RoadRunner in CoCo Gro Coir. (25/75 perlite to Coco mix)
The Burmese and Random is in Happy Frog Soil. (35/65 Perlite to Soil mix)

Ok, now that you all know the scoop on the plants. Heres my available VEG nuterients..

Canna A+B
Canna Rhizotonic (0.6-0.0-0.6)
Botanicare Cal/Mag (2.0-0.0-0.0)
Botanicare Pure Blend (1.0-0.5-1.0) (Foliar or Drip)
Green Fuse Growth Stimulator (Foliar or Drip)
3% Peroxide Mix
Neem Oil Treatment 2 times a month. (Foliar and Drip)

My Nutrient Line up for FLOWER will be..

Canna A+B
Botanicare Cal/Mag
Botanicare Pure Blend
Humbolt County Bush Master (For the first 2-3 weeks Flower) (Foliar)
Canna PK 13/14
Humbolt County Gravity
Humbolt County SnowStorm OR? Purple Maxx (Foliar and Drip)
Clearex for initial Flush

PLEASE let me know your opinion on my Line up for nutrients.
--Are they best for Indoor? ect...

Heres the plants as of 9/16

Current Enviroment
--19/5 Light Sched
--Light On High 82F/35%-- Light Off Low 68F/35%
--Currently Foliar feeding once a week with Growth Stimulant.
--Coco is recieving its VEG. Tea Mix (5.8 Ph), 32 oz. each every other day. (20% Runoff @ 6.0 Ph)
--Soil being water with Coco Tea Mix every 2-4 days @ 32oz. (Same as Coco)

My Current 400w Digital Open Area Grow

the CoCo Plants (3 R.P. OGKush #18 and 1 RoadRunner AutoFlower)

Burmese Kush Female

Random Seed (hopefully female but IDK...)

Temps with light on.

Many Updates and New plants to come.
im planning a Perpetual Grow with the OGK. I will mother a clone from the current plant. then proceed to veg here forever...

Tell me what you guys think
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

How moist should i let my coco get before I re-water.??? I've seen where people saturate it everyday and seen some people let top layer dry/moisten then water (Like every other day)??

Which is preferred?

Im achieving a 20% runoff from the CoCo @ 6.0Ph (R.O.)

Watering w/ 30-40 Fluid Oz. @ 660Ppm/5.8Ph

Also my Reservoir levels are 660 ppm/ 5.8Ph @ 3 gallons. (Added 2 gallons today..) see below
--Canna A= 10ml / 2 gallons
--Canna B= 10ml / 2 g.
--Rhizo= 25ml / 2g.
--Peroxide= 10ml / 2g.
--Cal/Mag= 10ml / 2g.
--Pure Blend= 20ml / 2g.

totaling= 650ppm/ 5.7Ph @ 2 Gallons
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST


Looks like a great start to your grow! I'm thinking about doing reserva privada's headband kush for my next grow. The OG kush look excellent too!! :yummy:

I'm growing in coco right now and have been watering every day....It has been working out great. I think with the daily water and nutes, the plants grow closer to the hydro rate of growth - fast. My mix is 100% coco...never done a perlite mix, but I think it would respond the same. Just my .02

GL luck with the grow. I'll be following along :)
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

NIce looking bag seed plants they can be such a surprise and the price is right lol.Never used coco what do you amend it with ? I water every three days 3 gal pots sunshine mix 20%runoff I think coco is similiar.Overwatering can be a real problem roort rot and all those fun side effects.Your ladys look happy though .. Keep em growin ggod job :thumb: BC
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Thanks Conq. and TMac. Ill be keeping this updated so do chime in!

BC I've heard CoCo Is extremely hard to over water, due to the air allowed to the roots, especially with a perlite mix. Im not saying spray a hose into the pots but It seems so far that they like everyother day. Im assuming this will turn into everyday once more roots become established.

As for the bagseed and other kush strain Im doing about every 3 days as u said. (As they are in soil).

My goal is going to be upwards of 16 oz. Hopefully in the 20-30 oz range. Im sure I will evetually need to buy a second light to cover the huge canopy. LST all the way baby!!!
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Also forgot to mention i achieved about a 1.1 Gram Per Watt ratio last grow with 2 plants. The grow is in my Sig link.

Thats why I set my goal so high this season. I was able to pull roughly 390 grms dry, with the exception of trim and shake..
That was with two very succsefully scroged girls..

I figure no scrog this time, just more bending ect.. I will allow these girls to veg for roughly 5-6 weeks if neccesary.
Im looking for gargantuan harvests, I will hopefully have 6-8 girls under my Hortilux 400w HPS. The light table says I have about 3-4 sq. meters of usable light. Hoping I wont need to buy a second digital setup but If it means the diff between 1 lb and 2 lb Im down.

For the skeptics, I understand 2 lbs from 1 400w seems if anything impossible. However Ive seen mulltiple single-plant scrogs under a Super-400w that have yeilded upwards of 450 Grms... ONE PLANT!!

I have 6-8.. that means atleast each plant needs to yeild roughly 4-5 dry oz.

I personal was able to get 7 oz. off of my last skunk plant, (When vegged for 5 weeks) and it remained under 3 feet the whole time. (See Below)

The plant on the right would grow to yeild 7 oz. dry

As you can see after cut and cured

What are your thoughts with my Goal?:blunt:
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Wow! That is amazing, hope to aspire to those weight in the future. Feel I am still a newbie, but working on that!! :)
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Yes i believe you are the man to do it .Awesome lst job. I used to do alot of lst now i find i bend once and i get great clone sites much faster. I've went to the short veg time prune all lower branches and bud out go for big cola's and no little popcorn trimming.However if you got time lst is so cool and very productive .I know you can get great returns with a 400 watt. i was going to get a second 600 for bud but now i might just go with another 400 cheaper less heat blah blah you know what im talkin.your gram per watt is lower with longer veg time but you probably calculated that in judging by those beauty's Keep up the good work impressive love the pics..:thumb: BC
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Oh Ya i wanted to mention keep the updates going on that coco coir do you have to add lime or does it stay stable after lots of ferts? amend with perlite 50/50 mix ? thanks BC :popcorn:
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

I didnt add any lime to the CoCo only the soil. Coco prtty much remains stable just by feeding. Meaning since you water it almost everyday it flushes out previous nutes and adds new. Doing this with a stable water Ph will take out the need for Lime (I keep a reservoir at all times ready to scoop up water and hand feed, and the ph is always at 5 .8 in that rez) . ALWAYS check your Run Off... With coco if you dont acheive the correct run off the first time just add more water, adjusting the Ph. I heard its pretty much impossible to overwater CoCo. as it is a hydro based medium.

I was told a 25/75 perlite to coco ratio works well. (I also line the bottem of each of my pots with a layer of hydroton, this allows easier drainage and more air flow to the roots, Also you will notice the roots dont grow out of the bottom of the pot as easy. (This was a big problem for my last grow, as it caused root rot halfway through flower and i had to retransplant.

Thanks for the support guys! Ill keep ya posted.
Biogenesis/Biosynthesis of Mature Cannabinoids? (Pls. Help)

I would also like to start by asking if anyone on this site is familiar with the Biogenesis/BioSynthesis of MonoTerpenes?? and whether that has an influence on aroma and taste in the curing process..

I've been studying horticulture and the Botany of Cannabis..
Kind of understanding the breakdown of cbd to cbn and the condensation of isoprenes.
(Please tell me if I've made an error also, No one is perfect)

But what I am interested in learning is how to influence the natural taste of the plant on a biological level. Let me try Rephrasing to layman (so I myself can understand better), What if any, influences can I induce to effect the taste of the bud? Other than choosing your genetics and letting it do its own thing.

I'm still a noob here but im trying to understand the chemical process of aroma and flavour. Obviously curing has EVERYTHING to do with the breakdown of Major Micro-Bacteria that help destroy chlorophyll, hence the drying and curing process.

But, For example.. My last grow, I waited until the last floral stage of flowering, meaning I let grow until the fan leaves and clayx Bracts were showing signs of maturity/ decay. Resin heads were 90% still attatched with a 50/50 Cloudy to Amber ratio.
I hung dry the whole plant for 5 days then proceeded to cardboard box dry with manyyy holes for air for another 5 days. The buds felt slightly dry/ crunchy but yet still slightly spongy. So i moved to glass jar burping, I didnt notice much "Sweat" around the rim of the mason jar each day i checked. At this point the nugs still smelt a hay-ish/ grassy fresh cut, when just 2 weeks earlier before cut they smelt like orange chocolate/ deisel..

I never achieved that smell back, although the hay-ish smell eventually transpired and the nugs smelt good. It just never returned to that orange kush smell when they were on the plant?

All and all, (And I appreciate you sticking with me this far) I would like to know what I did wrong, I obviously cured well enough to smoke and be extremely pleased but how do I get that pungent knock you in the face smell?

I plant Im referring to I grew, it was Burmese Kush from seed, the journal is in my sig and I've also attatched it to this post. As you will see the nugs looked outstanding on the plant and as i said they smelt TERRIFIC (An Orange/Chocolate Kush Deisel smell.. it was CRAZZY)

-My temps during dry and cure were never above 75 in dry room and hum never went further than 30 %. (Consisted of hang drying whole plant 5 days, vented cardboard box 5 days, paper bags 2 days then drying screens for the next 2 days) then..
-I Cured in soup can size mason jars, with 7-14 grams per jar.
-I Burped jars 2-3 times daily, dumping out nugs and rearranging as to get and even cure and replace air in jar.
-I cured for upwards of two weeks, consistant.
-By end of cure they smelt very pleasing, but had ZERO signs of the Kush smell that should have been produced.

I understand that this is an EXTREMELY broad question, and I know im repeating myself but I just want everyone to understand what I am trying to ask...

"Is there something I can add, (Thats 100 % Organic) to inhance the natural flavour of the nugs. Such as LIPOPHILIC MONOTERPENE CITRAL in an Emuslion concentrate?"

"When do essential psychoactives begin to break down after harvesting (CDB? Is it immediately or during curing process when micro-bacteria begin to start working on chlorophylls?" Or am I mis-informed?

"How big of a role does Temp/Hum play? Is 75F/30% the best?"

"Whats the best method of drying to keep the aroma of the plant intact?"

Your thoughts and comments are helpful no matter what, even if it is simple or complex.

Im interested in learning about Cannabis on a molecular level, Im tired of putting a seed in the dirt, adding nutes and hoping for the best.. Ive been succsesfull so far dont get me wrong, however growing is like Art... the learning/discovery process will never end..

PLEASE chime in your .02!!!!:popcorn:

Heres the link to the grow I mentioned, the Orange Choco aroma of the Burmese Kush simply disapeered forever after harvest... and I want to know WHY!!!!! :tokin:

I am currently growing Reserva Privada OG Kush, I know this strain will begin to have an awesome aroma. I dont want to repeat.
Heres the link to my current CoCo Coir RP OGK grow, there you can see all the ferts and stimulants i am feeding to help get a better understanding.

****(Just found an amazing article...) helpful but does not anwer all of my questions. Ill share it with you guys..
Curing Floral Clusters

""Harvesting, drying, curing, and storage of Cannabis floral clusters to preserve and enhance appearance, taste, and psychoactivity is often discussed among cultivators. More floral clusters are ruined by poor handling after harvest than by any other single cause. When the plant is harvested, the production of fine floral clusters for smoking begins. Cannabis floral clusters are harvested by two basic methods: either individually, by cutting them from the stalks and carefully packaging them in shallow boxes or trays, or all simultaneously by uprooting or cutting off the entire plant. In instances where the floral clusters mature sequentially, individual harvest is used because the entire plant is not ripe at any given time. Removing individual clusters also makes drying easier and quicker because the stalks are divided into shorter pieces. Floral clusters will dry much more slowly if the plant is dried whole. This means that all of the water in the plant must pass through the stomata on the surface of the leaves and calyxes instead of through cut stem ends. The stomata close soon after harvest and drying is slowed since little water vapor escapes.

Boiling attached Cannabis roots after harvesting whole plants, but before drying, is an interesting technique. Origi nally it was thought by cultivators that boiling the roots would force resins to the floral clusters. In actuality, there are very few resins within the vascular system of the plant and most of the resins have been secreted in the heads of glandular trichomes. Once resins are secreted they are no longer water-soluble and are not part of the vascular system. As a result, neither boiling nor any other process will move resins and cannabinoids around the plant. However, boiling the roots does lengthen the drying time of the whole plant. Boiling the roots shocks the stomata of the leaves and forces them to close immediately; less water vapor is allowed to escape and the floral clusters dry more slowly. If the leaves are left intact when drying, the water evaporates through the leaves instead of through the flowers.

Whole plants, limbs, and floral clusters are usually hung upside down or laid out on screen trays to dry. Many cultivators believe that hanging floral clusters upside-down to dry makes the resins flow by gravity to the limb tips. As with boiling roots, little if any transport of cannabinoids and resins through the vascular system occurs after the plant is harvested. Inverted drying does cause the leaves to hang next to the floral clusters as they dry, and the resins are protected from rubbing off during handling. Floral clusters also appear more attractive and larger if they are hung to dry. When laid out flat to dry, floral clusters usually develop a flattened, slightly pressed profile, and the leaves do not dry around the floral clusters and protect them. Also, the floral clusters are usually turned to prevent spoilage; this requires extra handling. It is easy to bruise the clusters during handling, and upon drying, bruised tissue will turn dark green or brown. Resins are very fragile and fall from the outside of the calyx if shaken. The less handling the floral clusters receive the better they look, taste and smoke. Floral clusters, including large leaves and stems, usually dry to about 25% of their original fresh weight. When dry enough to store without the threat of mold, the central stem of the floral cluster will snap briskly when bent. Usually about 10% water remains in dry, stored Cannabis floral clusters prepared for smoking. If some water content is not maintained, the resins will lose potency and the clusters will disintegrate into a useless powder exposed to decomposition by the atmosphere.

As floral clusters dry, and even after they are sealed and packaged, they continue to cure. Curing removes the unpleasant green taste and allows the resins and cannabinoids to finish ripening. Drying is merely the removal of water from the floral clusters so they will be dry enough to burn. Curing takes this process one step farther to produce tasty and psychoactive marijuana. If drying occurs too rapidly, the green taste will be sealed into the tissues and may remain there indefinitely. A floral cluster is not dead after harvest any more than an apple is. Certain metabolic activities take place for some time, much like the ripening and eventual spoiling of an apple after it is picked. During this period, cannabinoid acids decarboxylate into the psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes isomerize to create new polyterpenes with tastes and aromas different from fresh floral clusters. It is suspected that cannabinoid biosynthesis may also continue for a short time after harvest. Taste and aroma also improve as chlorophylls and other pigments begin to break down. When floral clusters are dried slowly they are kept at a humidity very near that of the inside of the stomata. Alternatively, sealing and opening bags or jars or clusters is a procedure that keeps the humidity high within the container and allows the periodic venting of gases given off during curing. It also exposes the clusters to fresh air needed for proper curing.

If the container is airtight and not vented, then rot from anaerobic bacteria and mold is often seen. Paper boxes breathe air but also retain moisture and are often used for curing Cannabis. Dry floral clusters are usually trimmed of outer leaves just prior to smoking. This is called manicuring.

The leaves act as a wrapper to protect the delicate floral clusters. If manicured before drying, a significant increase in the rate of THC breakdown occurs.""
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

I didn't know that there was that much to it. I let the plants' genetics deal with resins and odor.
Coir has helped me grow well and look good; water to waste rules in my cages.
I don't understand how my Macintosh computer works, either. :)

Your Faustian quest may bring you joy, but I doubt you'll improve on nature.
There are more genes in cannabis' DNA than in humans'.
PLEASE chime in your .02!!!! :popcorn:
Find a strain or two that you like, and grow them. That's just a pennys' worth,
I'm a little short till harvest :peace:

+rep for you Don Quixote, you may need a little luck!
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Thanks Gator, I figured it mostly genetics. Hopefully I got a hold of the right one with the OG..

Ya the coir works well, Im still trying to figure out whether to keep it moist or soaking wet the whole time. Theyre still pretty small so growth is hardly noticable at the moment, however when they get larger I will be able to tell what they like more. Wet or moist...

Ive heard of watering 2 times daily with coco and ive heard you only need to water everyother day.. So I guess its all pref. Trial and Error..:reading420magazine:
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Hey Ghetty!

Fascinating read. I like to bump into connoisseurs every now and then... while straight efficiency and volume is lovely, it's also nice to see people who care about quality. You seem to have a knack for both.

Would you mind sending me a general feeding outline of your plants? This is one area that I'm totally ignorant about, and the info online is pretty random. A lot of small bits and pieces which are hard to put together.

If you have the time and willpower, I'd love to see a calendar of days which included your light timer, your nutrients, temps, and your thoughts on growing medium.

I had been planning on planting the little girls in a one gallon pot with 75/25 potting soil/perlite - the perlite forming a drain on the bottom... but I'm thinking there are more effective routes.

Thanks again for your input!

Oh - and what was the final product like? I was trying to find OGK online... but the one or two seed banks I could find were sold out.
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Ya the coir works well, Im still trying to figure out whether to keep it moist or soaking wet the whole time.
Moist or wet all the time is probably better, if you can tune your timer/pump/drippers to allow 10 or 15% runoff. Coir allows the last bit of humidity to be available to the plant, so every other day can work. It's very versatile, and forgiving stuff. I suggest keeping the nutes light; mine is normally 600 to 900 ppm, with city water 240 ppm on top of that.
You can't waterlog it, so long as the drain is open at the bottom. :hookah:
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Hi Ghetty .i find after jarring the weed there is a different smell then when the weed is fresh you can smell the reaction as it cures .What brand coir are you using and did you have to leach the sodium out before planting?also specialized ferts as well...thanks BC
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

BC Im using Coco Gro, with a 25/75 perlite mix with a layer of hydroton on the bottom for the roots to drain easier. I def. thuroughly washed the coco first then I flushed it once more with Ph adjusted water with a trace of CAL/MAG so that it had some nutes, Now im using the Canna Line up as you can see on pg. 1
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

BC Im using Coco Gro, with a 25/75 perlite mix with a layer of hydroton on the bottom for the roots to drain easier. I def. thuroughly washed the coco first then I flushed it once more with Ph adjusted water with a trace of CAL/MAG so that it had some nutes, Now im using the Canna Line up as you can see on pg. 1

Thanks Ghetty that in fo should get me started ..I'll be tuned in:popcorn::smokin:BC
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