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Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya


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Report back the dry weight! Nice haul. Pretty flowers too.

Too early for a taster??
i will do!!

i have dried a few smaller branches that were under the canopy and/or snapped themselves of weight, maybe 3/4 joints, left to dry in airing cupboard 3/4 days, taste was there but if it will only get better with a proper dry and cure it will be lovelyy!
i also had 850g wet trimmed of a critical, was my first grow and so i am extremely happy!!

will be at least 3 weeks in the fridge for these guys, maybe a few more days for the critical.
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I am starting to see some buds growing on the big one now. Really hope this means its done stretching, I have had enough of that. It has been really hard keeping it off the light. No matter what way I turn the plant the next night I open up the tent its back in the light fixture. I was looking at some of my old pictures comparing plants and am pretty sure the big one will grow pink bud. Hopefully if all goes well I will find out soon enough.



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Here’s an update on progress of my let’s say project strain creations . Thank you to all who commented on previous photos. Tell me what u think.


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