Darkscotia Apprentices - Passion#1 Perfect Sun COB/8COB Citizen K

so you're forcing the plant to flower from being rootbound, then you uppot. Why do you do that? What would happen if you uppotted now - before alternating leaves - and then flipped to 12/12 or (11/13)? would it transition to bloom a little slower?

sorry for being late to the party. I just found this thread last week. I have so many questions!

The plant does not start flowering because it is root bound. He gets them root bound so that he can transplant and flip the same day. By having the plants root bound before he does this the root mass, and thus the plant itself, explodes with growth the first few weeks of flowering. You are also giving the plant a fresh 6 gallons of soil to play in all through flower when you do it this way and thus there is plenty of soil energy to carry the plant through flower typically.
I was just thinking that we look for signs of health. That pink hue totally washes out any cues that we're supposed to be looking for. It's like driving blind.

A more profound problem is that your camera can only record so many colours, and my monitor can only display so many colours...so how am I supposed to get a correct idea of what a healthy plant looks like? I always thought plants should be all emerald green. Maybe they should be forest green. Docbud has called it olive green (and waxy/shiny).


Yup I’ve since changed to try and no longer take pictures with my leds running. I’m now using a t5 bulb for temporary light source to take pictures. Cheers ask away if any question and I’ll do my best to answer and if not I’ll point you in right directions to get answer needed. This journal is closed so not all may be still watching this journal so be patient if people don’t respond right away. We will find you answers.
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