Early Season UK Outdoor Guerrilla Auto Grow


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Hello :420: !!!

I want to do a full diary of a 4 plant autoflower guerrilla grow ASAP!!!

I am in UK and want to see how they do early on in the year. I will germinate 4 autos, 1 each week (staggered) in my homemade, mylar, ventilated growcab under a 125W DS CFL. Starting from March 8th 2017.

They will establish in the growcab for 3-4 weeks (until they start to stink) and be LST'd in 3 gallon smartpots 60% peat potting soil 20% perlie and 20% vermiculite.

The 1st will be put outdoors 4 weeks later (7th April) in hidden spots around my town. The types of spots I am thinking of are by railtracks, a sewage works and near farmers lands.

So this journal is being planned, any advice on strains and tactics are very :welcome: . I have grown lots of indoor auto strains B4 and some photos outdoor. I like sweet seeds range a lot, although I need a VERY cold resistant strain. All 4 of these early tests need to be the same strain ideally to make it a fair test of course.

After this experiment, I will do a photoperiod and then Flash's super-autos all outdoor guerrilla, started indoor!

Nice bro. What kind of plants did you want to grow? Autos or early photos?

If I had a backgarden to grow in, those super-autos by flash seeds look pretty good. Bigger plants, bigger yields auto finish in like 4.5 months-ish. Perfect for eire/anglaise climates :)
Sounds pretty tasty, is that the Barney's one?

I had one of those indoor b4 in 6L airpot, I loved the taste and high but it was smaller than the others I grew at the same time. Although the tent was a bit crowded and I had severe problems in that house with low temps in the attic and 100% humidity. It slowed down everything to finish in like 13 weeks and for the 1st month, every evening when the lights went back on, it looked like it had rained LOL. Every leaf was soaked!!!

Have you grown before?
no mate well I'm half way through my first grow here's a pic from this morning it's a kandy kush regular feminised . Smells yummy already

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If thats your 1st go, well done sir!
You did your research I take it. Straight into a final air-pruning pot and effective LST.
How old from germ is it? 5 weeks?
No the plant is about 6weeks old. It has a very bad start . My original light broke so had 2 weeks of stupid house cfl bulbs . Then got a 600w hps . Bad move ... I had 3 plants burnt 2 alive . And this one was nursed back to health and then topped. And topped and topped lol . But I have biobizz nutrients, molasses calmag. So I think she will do just fine . It's very short though maybe 14 inches high .

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That's her story so far

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good story. hahaha HPS death star!!

dude, I would be pleased with that one 4 my 1st attempt especially considering the problems you had.

Buy 3-4 more seeds and germ those bitches!!!

How many weeks did it take until they started to properly stink the room out?
Like the first week of flower I could smell her coming up my stairs . My neighbours are cool though so we all good . Gonna be 3 houses in a row doing zn outdoor this year . I'm gonna get 5 seeds and fill the room . I hope the 300w led will do the job fingers crossed

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300W LED should do OK. If you get less growth on the bits furthest away, you could even chuck em int garden if the suns out in March April and then bring them back in if the clouds come. :surf:

If I could afford it though, for a 3ft x 4ft, I'd prolly get another 300W LED?
Might be good to start some in April indoor, LST and top em all like crazy, then 6 weeks into veg about mid-May, pot them up into 5 gallon smart pots and put them in the garden!
Bought 6 seeds got 13!!!! :woohoo:
8 Autos and 5 Photos from Barney's free.
Will start the journal proper and germinate some Auto duck today.

Day 0a 25/03/17

Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) x 1
Indoor + Outdoor
Vegged in 8L Smart Pot in small grow cab under 300W CFL duel spectrum (Heavy LST from shoot).
Soil = 60% peat moss compost + 20% Perlite + 20% Vermiculite.
Germinated in paper towel, then jiffy plug, then 8L Smart Pot.

Finished Outdoor Guerrilla style once she starts to stink/out-grows the limited growcab!

Soaked in de-chlorinated water and put into warm airing cupboard. When the seed sinks.....You know it has absorbed enough water to germinate. Takes about 12h.
Then when I put into wet paper towel, they germinate in under 24h 99% of the time this way.

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