Early Season UK Outdoor Guerrilla Auto Grow

Those plants look awesome. Much better than mine. Im a complete amatuer but i have a small crop on the go. Iv lost 7 out of 15 so far to slugs. Absaloutly gutted. Probably put them out to early too but paranoia got the better of me. Looking for some new locations now as the earth we put the last ones in is very peaty. Trying the hanging bag thing too its working a treat
what are they planted in? My folks garden has a real bad slug problem, but they dont ever climb up the side of fabric pots. They the best anyway but this is a bonus!
I have most of them in pots. But i have 1 in a hanging strawberry bag. Its thriving in the greenhouse. Im in a residential area so will have no option but to put them in the woods. Copper tape seems to work so going to cut the bottom of the bag and plant it in compost in a greenhouse in a chosen spot. And put copper tape round the bottom of the bag. Not sur how to put a pic on here or i would show you my results so far
Its a difficult site to navigate sometimes. Just click on gallery at the top, click upload photos and do it there, it auto puts them in your folders for you to put in a thread. I had the same issue.

I want to abandon this journal but dont know how?

For all interested, the lady duckling is at 11 days today. Please come say hello in the updated, current GJ @ this link.....

Auto Duck - Indoor & Outdoor - Soil - UK - Freak Strain
Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

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