First Outdoor Grow!


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I had indoor grow going but didn't get far due to brother having to move in with me :(

But if don't succeed try and try again, Im hoping to have this outdoor grow going by next week!!! Wish me luck FEEL FREE TO POST ANY TIPS OR LEARNED LESSONS THX!


Will be outdoor start to finish!!

Type: REG, for first time

Soil: Organic M/G :( no way to get FF(will be using blood/bone MG products)

Number of plants: 4-6

Region: Alabama

Will plant next week!!!!
Re: First Outdoor Grow!!!

Alabama man that area has great weather for A Grow, similar to Arkansas. I grew alot of herbs down there. Couple question, what you plan on growing and how you wanna do it, pot's, bag's, or directly in the ground, which is my favorite. In the ground you can grow monsters. I did afew down Arkansas ways that yielded up to 4 lb's per. First thing do you have a place to grow the seedlings before you put them out? It's kind of harder to start plants in mother nature. To many critters out there that love weed, rabbits are real fond of tender young pot plants, and your state has ALOT of big trophy whitetails. Not to even mention the snails and slugs,etc, which also lovem. I'm in for your grow. Have you grown before? MG soil isn't a bad soil, people here frown on it alot cus it has it's own time released ferts, and alot of strains like the hazes are easy to over fertilize. And people not aware of this tend to burn the plants by adding alot of other amendments to the fertilizer program. Another thing is the moister control that most MG soil has. I've grow alot of great plants with MG products. Rite now my whole Doghouse is growing with MG fertilizer. As many plants and the size I intend to grow its not cost effective for me to use the same ferts I use on my indoor stuff. You don't have a nursery close to your home? Alot of nursery's that start their own tomato and pepper starts have what I call their house dirt. Usually it tends to be cheaper than MG soil and I seen some that rival any soil's on the market. Well if you plan on doing this start to finish out, and there is anything I can help with I'll be glad to help. In my first grow, Time for Wood to post one, my Lady and me did acouple with MG ferts complete. Heres acouple peeks at what we had. It was a great yield, 2 1/2 lb's and it was about almost 5 months old. Not trying to high jack your thread, just something to let ya see what can happen. Blood-Bone meal, I use that in every spoon of dirt I throw in a pot or hole. Steamed bone is alot better than non steamed, seems to break down alittle faster. The blood meal I've been using is from Whitney Farms and the breakdown is 13-0-0. Be care full with it, it can burn plants, and the bone meal is 3-15-0 and breaks down alot slower. You shouldn't need this stuff till the plants pass the seedling stage. Whew this is more than I've typed in years, jk. But Feel free to fire away if ya need help, and I'll be peeking in here and there. Oh here is the pic's she was grow in black gold soil and fed her whole life with MG fertilizers;

The plant name is called 'The Church' from greenhouse seeds. Great herb's, I won't do a grow without her from now on;

Well Dude GL with your grow, damn spring time I wish I was back there rite about now, the Large Mouth Bass must be spawning. Later
thanks so much man im relieved you sound like just the guy man.

the place im growing is like literally 100 acres of land that no one walks ill take pictures and swamp runs right threw it good news is its walking in my back yard :) um idk you said ground was your favorite go with that if you have time to explain i would appreciate that greatly.Like do you dig a hole fill with the soil you want or wat. ive searched and searched most info is on indoor but i'm try not to let everyone down

no place to veg but will use use wet napkin method. i could deff make wiring around them couldnt i ?


i got crap load of seeds so who knows how many ill plant lol no more then ten females tho.

i live by one of the bigger lakes in AL and do salt water.
Growing outdoors is dead easy,IMO. As long as you have decent soil at a good PH,a good amount of rain,and plenty of sunshine,you're set.

I'm from roughly the same region you are. Deer and rodents are your biggest concerns early. If you wait until May,there's usually enough food in the woods that deer will give your weed a pass for your neighbors beans and corn. Like the fella above I hate slugs but there are products to deal with both. A lot of guys swear by panther piss for running most critters off. I think Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's both carry it for hunters trying to disguise their scent?

I don't have to tell you about the humidity,but it can make bud rot a problem come late summer/early fall. Sativas seem to do better around here due the looser bud clusters.

Homegrown weed in the SE is best in the States,IMO,but it get's no respect. Good Southern weed has a 1 toke upside your head effect and long high that those West Coast weeds can't touch.

Good luck and keep a low profile.
DID YOU Die? Dude WHATEVER HAPPENS. Don't give up on growing a 'weed'. Someone teach the basic's and you keep "giving them light", you won't lose. It's a weed. And alittle TLC and it grow's anywhere. Long as it owner give's it the basic's. Water, Light, and Food.================ Good Smokable Weed. GL
Hey what's up so I was looking thru the forums for info about outdoor growing and it seemed like you guys knew what you were talking about. I hate to bother you but I'm a complete noob so I could use the help lol. I found a good stealthy place to grow and I have a bunch of bagseeds I am going to germinate soon. I was hoping I could let the seeds grow a little and then transfer them to a 4 or 5 gallon bucket with soil and keep them in my spot, letting mother nature do her thing and checking up on it about once a week to water with nute water. Could I do this? Do you recommend any specific soils? And what should I put in the soil to really let the babies flourish? Fert? Idk sorry if I'm buggin ya guys I just don't wanna screw it up. Any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Ksh22-Never could you bug me about cannibis lol :) and yes thats possible,
Miracle Grow Organic potting mix is very easy to find(wally world) also i am fortunate to have a drain gutter that hold lots of worms and rich soil if you are able to locate worm bed works great to mix with MG
With you checkin only once a week WATCH FOR PEST find a good organic pesticide my friend any more questions fire away also i'd put you couple small holes in bottom of bucket let em drain
22,a buddy of mine has been growing that way for 30 plus years. He drills 3-4 half inch holes in the bottom,fills the bottom 2-3 inches with a mix of perlite and gravel and adds his soil mix which is all homemade these days.

When he was starting out it was a mixture of Miracle Grow Garden Soil for vegetables and flowers and composted cow manure as his base fert. He discovered the joys of perlite for lightening his mix a couple of years in. The exact recipe was a secret but it seems to me it was 3 parts soil to 1 part perlite to 1 part steer manure per 5-7 gallon bucket.

He swears by fish emulsifier in a tea as his secret ingredient. I've never been a big fan of the fish juice,but he and his brother grow some damned good weed with it. I guess it's all in knowing how and when to apply it?

His brother is a bucket man too,but he uses one of the Pro-Mix soilless mixes combined with some micronutes he buys at Lowes. I'm not sure which of Pro-Mix blends he uses? (He's told me but it escapes my mind.) I know he uses the MG flowering nutes at half strength once sex shows and cuts back on the fish emulsifier tea come mid-July.

They both like the buckets as they can move 'em from spot to spot as the season progresses.

I've never tried buckets. Keep us all posted on how it works out.
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