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First time grower here. Currently I'm on day 17 and have the three seedlings set up in a table in my bedroom. However, I did purchase a 48"x24"x60" grow tent that will be arriving in two days. On day 15 one of the plants got burned by a light but other than that they look to be doing ok I think.

I'm wondering if you guys think I have enough light and if I should get more than just a oscillating fan once I set up the tent.

Seed type - Mystery bag seeds
Stage - Sprouted 16 days ago, still seedlings
Indoor Grow
Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with a little perlite
Current pot size - 4" square
Lights - 18/6 (1) 4' T5 Eye Hortilux PowerVEG, (2) 26w soft white CFLs, (2) 40w daylight CFLs
Fan - oscillating room fan
Temp of Room - 70F
RH - 40
PH of last runoff - 6.5
Watering - About every 4 days
Nutrients - Just added the first dose of Big Bloom at 1/4 strength two days ago
Day 18


Set up the tent and added some more lights. In addition I replaced the table fan with a box fan positioned outside the tent by the vent since space was a bit tight.

Temp is 72F humidity around 45%.

I repurposed a tomato plant cage so I could hang the lights from above low enough to the plants. I'm going to try and also suspend both of the new power strips with bulbs with a pulley system but haven't quite engineered the specifics.


Day 20

Finally named them...Sybil better not die before giving birth to some wonderful bud. Planning to transplant them tomorrow to larger containers. The grow room humidity was much lower today (33%-44%) after I suspended a makeshift exhaust fan to lower the temp and create a slight breeze so I placed a few bowls of water around. If that still doesn't help I'll place a humidifier inside the tent but it's already a bit tight in the tent so I'm hoping I don't have to.

Day 29

Set up the new exhaust vent and light fixture.
Started LST a week ago. Mary's stem snapped a bit so I have her resting with some string to keep her upright.
Edith is HUGE and Sybil might be showing signs that she's actually female...

Runoff last week was extremely low (5) even after adjusting the water PH way up but they look to be doing ok.

Temp has been 68-84F and humidity 40-60%.

Because of the light fixture I had to restructure the CFL setup so I now only have the a 54w 4' T5, (4) 13w, 6500K, 900L , (4) 23w, 5000K, 1800L.
Hope all is well in your world.

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