Golden Teacher Psilocybin Mushrooms

A mentally and physically healthy, 75 kilogram, 24-year old male tried tripping on Golden Teacher mushrooms. He hasn’t had Golden Teachers before but he does have experience with other magic mushrooms especially the Psilocybe tampanensis species.

The experience was preceded by a long day at work. He was physically tired and ready to just relax and unload his mind. He claimed when he touched the psychedelic shrooms, he already felt more in touch with the meaning of existence. A feeling of relaxation and homecoming washed over him.

And so he went on to get to know the Golden Teacher shrooms.

He ingested two dried caps, weighing approximately 1.5 grams, along with a dose of very tasteful and healthy herbal honey. For him, the process of chewing and swallowing the shrooms is like walking through a portal knowing that in just a few moments, his perception will be radically altered.

While waiting for the effects, he leaned back on his most comfortable chair and turned on the TV to watch an episode of South Parl. After twenty minutes, the effects started as a tingling sensation from the hands, arms, shoulders, and to the top of his head. The initial sensation is comfortable and sensual. The laidback feeling increases and his facial muscles relax as an intense and ecstatic surge pulsates throughout his body.

When he looked into the mirror, his physical appearance started to show the classical signs of magic mushroom ingestion: wide pupils, and flushed skin.

After lying on bed, the magic mushroom is able to take more control of his body. Upon closing his eyes, he hears a sound followed by another until the series of sounds become similar to wind chimes with different frequencies.

His body started to become weightless – the spirit has disconnected from the body. He has entered the dimensions where his thoughts, feelings, sounds, and the physical world are woven together into an increasingly bizarre landscape.

The next step was characterized by a surrender of control. Without any restrictions in his thoughts and emotions, his mind brought him to introspect about the various people in his life. As every person passed through his mind, he was able to become that person. He experienced the other person’s mental, emotional, and physical perspective.

After a while, the experience softened and he returned to his regular self. After another hour, he was able to sleep peacefully. When he woke up, he felt recharged, more energetic, and more emotionally stable!

Every person’s Golden Teacher mushroom trip experience but this trip report can be your benchmark if you ingest Golden Teacher shrooms with the right mindset and in the right environment.
Very intrested subbed. Any suggestions on the best kit or whatever for someone who wants to give it a try.

I bought mine from They were great. I first bought a grow kit that gave pretty bad results, took a picture and emailed them, they sent me a new kit 100% free of charge which yielded great!

When growing mushrooms, they need indirect light and a warm place (around 25C). I think that putting your grow kit in a cardboard box, making a few holes on the side to let some light in, place it in your current weed grow tent would work out great!

Happy tripping :cool:
Growing mushrooms seems like it would be a lot of fun, even though I would probably not be eating any, and just be giving them away to friends, could be interesting watching them grow.

I hereby donate this thread to the community as I think the original purpose for me has been served. Take it over and post to your heart’s content, anyone who wants to.


Would be interested to see people post here about their mushroom growing methods. Cheers
I recentley purchased some Cubensis spores, but went with a strain called "B+" I was told not to let the name fool me. I plan to dose a moderate dose once weekly for a couple of months. I've got some things that need deep consideration. Psychedelic experiences in the proper set and setting will often allow you to discover profound things about your subconscious self. It will also benefit my PTSD.

I also ordered kits for Lions Mane medicinal mushrooms that I will be supplementing.
I just started fruiting a tote of Golden Teacher today, has taken almost 7 weeks so far.
I inoculated two 3# grain bags , one with Golden Teacher the other with B+
The B+ has stalled and could be contaminated.
The Golden Teacher looks fine and I put in light and started fruiting them a few hours ago.
I assume it should start to pin within a few days.
Nunya, I wish you the best of luck with that B+ fruiting tub. Hopefully she gets herself sorted out.
Not seeing much hope for the B+
Still about the same as it was 2 weeks ago.
No obvious contamination though.
But the Golden Teacher is doing well.

There are 100s of pins, if even 30% of them grow and don't abort i should get at least 100 first flush.

Damn, these shrooms just keep coming.
I thought yesterday I had left what looked like 1/3rd to get a bit bigger, this morning they were huge and I ended up with MORE than yesterday.
Got 451 grams for a total so far of 858 grams fresh.
Which should be around 86 grams cracker dry.

And there are still at least 20 small ones left, don't know if they are going to grow large or do nothing.
Even if they don't grow at all it has to be another 20+ gr of just little ones.

Then IF they do anything at all I've got at least 20+ growing in the B+ tote.
So guessing I should end up on first flush with over 1000 gr or 100 gr dry.

That should be enough for my wife and I for 10 months or more.

If we both did microdosing of about .2 to .3 gr each per day thats basically .5 gr a day 4x a week.
2 gr a week, 8 gr a month we could microdose for 10 months and still have 20 gr left over for tripping doses of 2gr each once a month for 10 months.

Thats pretty wild.

Wilder still is before it stops producing i could theoretically end up with twice this much.
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