GreenDhumb's First Grow: Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Feminized With Mars Hydro TSL2000


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Hey all. This will be both my introductory post to the forums and the first post of my journal..

Have been a user of this fine herb medically and recreationally for 15 years now and recently moved into our new home and decided why not save some money and have some fun while doing it by doing something I've wanted to do since the very beginning of this adventure... growing my own!

So I now have my little Vivo Sun 4x2 tent set up with a Mars Hydro TSL 2000, a Vivo Sun 4" scrubber set up, and 2 clip on Vivo Sun oscillating fans. Because I'm growing in my basement which is usually around 18-19 degrees celcius in the summer, I have a space heater hooked up to a smart switch, as well as my scrubber, so that I can remotely increase and decrease temperature and air flow when I'm away. I also have a camera in there giving me a live feed of how things are going and what the temp and humidity is within my propagation chamber.


Now the plants... 4x Barney Farms Blue Cheese Feminized. They were all germed in paper towel that was kept moist with plastic wrap covering 95% of the plate the paper towel was on and was seated on my heated floor in the bathroom. Next time I think I'll be going direct into soil... All 4 cracked and were showing their roots within 21 hours. I then placed them 1/4" deep into solo cups that were filled with fox farms ocean forest. After that they were lightly watered with a mister using tap water which comes from my sand filtered well at an approximate PPM reading of 185 with a PH of about 7.5 and placed into the propagation chamber on top of a laundry basket to keep them off the cold floor. I've been maintaining the propagation temp at right around the 25 degree celcius mark and a humidity of approximately 75%. This morning (2.5 days after planting the germed seeds) i started noticing some sprouting going on. I've continued to keep the soil moist by moderately spritzing it about 3 times a day which is about how long it takes for the TSL 2000 on its lowest setting at about 3 feet distance above the chamber to mostly dry out the top of the soil. I've been running the light on an 18/6 schedule and so far everything is looking groovy to my untrained eyes. 3/4 are showing so far. It's been raining like mad here today so I've collected some rain water which tests at 2 ppm and has a ph of 7.5 (on my uncalibrated tester..) and will be using that on the next waterings. I should also mention I'll be using gaia dry amendments and organic teas for keeping these girls In tip top shape.



Will continue to update as things progress. Looking forward to constructive criticism and learning along the way and making new friends.
(Since you're growing a photoperiodic strain instead of an autoflowering one,) you might get a higher yield if you add a little more light (100 watts' worth or so) when you switch to a flowering light schedule. You've plenty now to get a harvest, though; you could just (potentially) get two or three more ounces, IMHO.

If that second picture isn't a wadded-up used condom in a hollowed out walnut shell... then I don't have a clue as to what it is.

An uncalibrated pH meter is worse than no pH meter at all! (Because you might believe its reading...)

If you haven't already done so, post a link to your grow journal in the sponsor's huge thread. Also consider adding one to your .SIG (signature) so that it will appear at the bottom of every post you make on the forum. Both of these things will be likely to bring other members to your thread.

Good luck on your grow!
Thanks for the light suggestion. I should have also mentioned I'm only going to wind up growing 3 of the 4 in a scrog using 5 galon fabric pots and topping them all once. Will be keeping the nicest looking of the bunch and then gifting the 4th.

As for the walnut with the condom in it... ooops I attached the wrong pic! ;) nah it's the seed shell that I helped off of one of my girls. Thought it looked pretty neat zoomed in on.

I'll be getting some deionized water shortly to use the calibration kit that came with the tester. Everything I've read so far has stated that ph isn't really important at this point so I've just been fiddling with the meter for shits and giggles until I get the water.

I'll be using reverse osmosis water shortly.

Thanks for the link tips and thanks for the luck! I'll surely be needing it!
Hey all! Sorry about the long pause in between posting. Probably the most boring journal on the site. Been busy the last month and a lot has changed with my set up (the entire set up).

I'm now in an 8x8 and using auto pots.

I have 4 600 watt air cooled MH's going in there with an AC and a humidifier (temps were like 34 celcius without the AC and humidity was like 27% without the humidifier.)

The plants were doing fairly well especially after their transplants into the auto pots. They absolutely exploded. Over the last couple of days though I've noticed a patchy yellowing of the leaves and a wrinkling of them as well. Today I noticed the start of a brownish yellow spot starting on my biggest blue cheese as well. It's extremely evident in the white widow I have going which has been messed up since birth. It appears like the leaves are deteriorating and some of the blades will only be half blades.

I use reverse osmosis water and I'm thinking its possibly a cal mag deficiency and maybe maganese? Looking for opinions.

As stated the white widow has been odd since birth. I should have culled it but I wanted to see what it'd do. It's had patchy mixed light green and dark green leaves since the beginning. The blue cheeses however have been great. They started showing some brown spots whilst still in the solo cups so I did some research and decided to try an organic cal mag recipe as a foliar feed and no more brown spots appeared after. I'm thinking I might try this again tonight but I'm just wanting to pick others minds to make sure what I'm thinking is what's happening.

I dont have a ph meter, I'm using drops now. The water is somewhere between 6.0-6.5 PH in my reservoir. Lights are approximately 2 feet from the tops. Temps are 25 ambient and 25.5-26.5 under the lights. Humidity is set to 55% as any higher and my humidifier turns the floor into a slip and slide having to keep up with the AC and the duct fan.

I initially thought that the lightening of the leaves was a nitrogen deficiency due to it almost being time for my first amendment so I watered them from the top with a tea I brewed over 24 hours with 2 table spoons of each alfalfa/kelp meal and molasses with 2 cups of worm castings and they seemed to pick up the day after but now 3 or 4 days later they're still progressively getting yellowed and wrinkled and it appears that growth may be stunted a little.

Any help would be great! I'll be posting more pictures and more details of the grow in the near future.

I've also attached a pic of my biggest girl all tied down. Got them all dealt with today as my tie down wire showed up! It's nuts how much they'll bend for you!


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Woke up this morning and checked on the gals and it appears that their vibrant color is returning and they're looking perkier. Hard to tell with the molasses spots all over them though! Tonight I'll be misting with water to somewhat reactivate the residue and help wash some of it off.

This grow is about to get pretty wild once I leak all the details so I'd suggest keeping an eye on the thread!
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