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help/Advice - Holes In leaves?! NL Auto


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Hi all!

Am about 5 weeks from seed on my first Indoor grow, 250wt HPS, 120wt CFL's and 70w t5 Fluro Tube.

Have 3 x Northern Light Auto Flowers.
It appears that a couple of leaves on each of the plants have holes in them. Only a couple, very small.
No signs of pests at all.

it does looks like theyve been nibbled on, the holes are very small, but surrounding the holes is a lighter coloring lime green on the leaf. this has happened on about 3 or 4 Leaves, mainly on the new top leaves on the top of the main stem/cola developing. It looks like the holes have appeared right by the leaves which have been directly under my 2 60wt CFLS that i recently added. could this be some sort of leaf burn? I have checked the plant pretty thoroughly for any signs of pests with nothing?

99% of the leaves etc look healthy to me , what do you think?


All seems well, plants seem healthy, appear to be showing begining signs of flowering aswell now.

input appreciated :]


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Re: help/Advice - Holes In leaves?! NL Auto.

Im no expert, but Ive accidentaly poked tiny holes with my wires for LSTing. Also Even moving them around you can pinch leaves without relizing it. Im my experience, a tiny holewill eventually start to get bigger and discolor the leaves. Nothing to panic over because they look healthy. Even the leaves with the holes will provide some light so my suggestions is do nothing, wait a week and see if there are more. The ones already affected wont get better but I suggest leaving them for now.
I highly urge you to read some journals that may have similar issues because again, Im a noob and Im only giving my opinion.
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