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Help - Is my plant dying?


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What is going on? Am I overdoing something? Underdoing something? :yikes:

This is a two months old "Alaska" medicinal herb, and up untill a few days ago it was green and happy (with medium spotting of Mag deficiency).

I don't have tools to measure the soil, I only water it after picking up and feeling the pot dry, and I use tap water and these two products alternately:

Canna Bio Vega 1 Litre
Cal-Max™ - Grotek

Please help me with patience, it's my first plant and I haven't even made clones yet.


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Re: Help... Is my plant dying? :(

It looks like it would be pretty easy to turn it upside down and check out the roots. I'll vote for root bound too.


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Re: Help... Is my plant dying? :(

I made a transplant into a larger container.

I only have the pots I got with the tent, so I improvised a bit...
I'll keep updating if it solves the issue. Thanks yall.



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Re: Help... Is my plant dying? :(

Just remember to have enough holes in the bucket... make a few on the side as well.

Hope she will turn around for you. BTW did you "see" anything? No bugs? Roots filled pot totally? Soil smelled ok/roots too?

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Re: Help... Is my plant dying? :(

Thanks guys, I didn't shoot the roots cuz I didn't have a free hand, and needed to do it quick. They were thick and stuck together, but not a slimey brown moist, so I don't suppose it was contaminated.
I'll give it a few days to recover, only watered it once after the transplant, so the old soil would break up.

I am glad with the size of the plant, will I be able to start the light cycle when it turns green again, or do I need to do something else first?


Re: Help... Is my plant dying? :(

Have you scoped your leaves? The taco affect kind of looks like broad mites problem.
How about the ph?


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So, two weeks has passed since I replanted my girl, and the whole thing doesn't look too good.
Almost every leaf has dry tips, and they crumble easily.
I watered it about 3 times since, once with the BioCana, once with the ClaMag, and once with just water. No change...

Am I losing her? Should I try to make clones off the few good branches? (Didn't have much success with it yet)

That's a 2.5 months old "Alaska":





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What level ppms/ ec are you feeding at, and what is your ppm/ec and Ph out?
I hope you manage to rejuvenate her, good luck.
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